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We still use computers... to make video games!

The Brothers Chaps' office space in Avondale Estates, Georgia has frequent appearances in behind-the-scenes interviews. This space is where writing, animating, and sound recording is done for Homestar Runner.


[edit] The Current Office

The current office was first seen in a 2015 Vox interview, introduced primarily as the space for working on Two More Eggs since Homestar Runner was still largely on hiatus. A 2017 SCREENLAND episode offers the clearest, most in-depth view of the office space to date.

Much like the previous office, it is most often seen in behind-the-scenes footage or as a backdrop for Puppet Stuff. It can also be seen in @StrongBadActual tweets.

The space is one large room, divided into multiple areas including:

  • A desk with a laptop
  • A standing desk near a whiteboard
  • Videlectrix office and gaming area with a couch
  • Shelved storage nook behind a curtain
  • Recording area - a similar nook with soundproofing applied to the walls. A microphone and several keyboards are set up.

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[edit] The Former Office

The first workspace The Brothers Chaps rented was a multi-room office space in the basement of "a depressing strip mall" in Decatur, GA. Descriptions of neighboring businesses imply that it may have been in the Suburban Plaza shopping center. DVD bonus content regularly featured footage of this space.

They began using the space around early 2004. The office was last seen in 2008, in Workin' on the Game; it is not known when TBC moved out of this office.

[edit] Main Office

The Brothers' main office was the room where, presumably, most of the animation and graphics work for Homestar Runner was done. Its walls were painted just like the Basement of the Brothers Strong, and it contained of 2 or 3 Dell laptops on a desk, a TV, and a water cooler just beside the entrance door. The desk also has a Mac, likely a Power Mac G4 or G5, on which the work for DVDs was done. It had a Cinema Display.

[edit] The Sound Room

The sound room is where the vocals, music and other audio for the website were produced. The walls were covered with acoustic insulation, and a large corkboard with a collage of cut-out pictures of heavy metal musicians hung on the wall. Recording was done on several keyboards and a microphone, and a Dell Dimension (either a 2300C or 2400C) PC with A215 speakers and a They Might Be Giants mousepad. A window in the room looked out to another part of their office.

[edit] Videlectrix Office

This room was used as a background for several skits and photos featuring the Videlectrix Guys. The blue walls had the Videlectrix logo mounted above the window that led to the sound room. Framed cover artworks of their video games, including as StrongBadZone and Thy Dungeonman hung on the wall. An old Apple IIe computer sat at the a wooden table; real audio from this computer was occasionally captured for videos.

[edit] Green Screen Room

It is unclear if this room was a separate space or simply a section of another room.

The wall was painted a chroma key green color. To facilitate filming, a tripod, props, and lighting fixtures were kept nearby. Some Puppet Stuff was also filmed within this room. An original iMac G5 was occasionally seen in this room, though never while running; the puppet version of Tangerine Dreams, an orange slot-loading iMac G3, was seen as well.

[edit] Storage Room

A storage room, used to hold various supplies and props, as well as a microwave and mini-fridge, was also present in the office. This room was only seen in Eric Conveys An Emotion: The Interview.

[edit] Gallery

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