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Fairly Collectible!

Homestar Runner Figurines were sold in the Store. Fourteen figurines were released across two sets, representing all the main characters. They stand approximately between 1-3 inches tall, depending on the relative size of the characters.

The figurines have also made occasional appearances in toons.


[edit] As Merchandise

Rick Van Velsor sculpted both sets, and the packaging credits their design to his company Big Bang Industrial Evolution, Inc. According to the Brothers Chaps, he emailed them unprompted with mockups of the figurines and later flew them out to his New York studio to personally approve the designs. As he already had the production contacts in China, all the Brothers had to do was say "hey, looks great" before they were made.

Box labels are branded with both fictional company Cheap As Free and real-world copyright holder Harmless Junk, Inc. The figurines are made out of PVC and non-posable; a sticker on the box indicates they are "intended as a collectible for display purposes only". Figurines stand on circular black bases with the H*R™ logo and "Made in China" on the underside.

Initially made available in the Flash Store, the figurines continued to be available through the Shopify store. They were briefly offered as Store Freebies — one or both sets added on to high-volume orders. The final sets of figures sold out on Aug 23, 2019, with @StrongBadActual noting that there are no plans to produce more, especially as the molds are lost.

[edit] Series 1

Figurines Set One
They’re cute, they’re colorful, they’re three dimensional!!!!

The first set of figures was first made available on July 15, 2003.

[edit] Series 2

Figurines Set Two
Now, at long last, you can have ALL of the Homestar Characters!!

The second set of figures released on June 7, 2004. In addition to completing the set of main characters, the series included additional figures of Homestar and Strong Bad.

Soon after the second set's release, the two sets were also made available for purchase as a combo at a reduced price.

[edit] In Toons

It's time for funny stuff.

The figurines have occasionally appeared in toons. The Powered by The Cheat version of Strong Bad seen in New Boots uses an image of the figurine's head. Strong Bad sbemailiarizes a hambloiger by dropping his figurine onto it.

In Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack, figurines are used as "stunt doubles" for the puppets. Costumes are added to the figures, which are the correct scale for the vehicle models used; both Homestar figures appear in the video, allowing Stingy Relenque to change poses.

The figurines have also appeared on social media:

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