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Will you wake up already?

Couch mumbling is the phenomenon that occurs primarily when Strong Bad is asleep on the couch in the Brothers Strong's basement and, in addition to incomprehensible muttering, mutters the names of Nintendo (usually those for the Super Nintendo) video games in his sleep. A variation on this also occurred in Jibblies 2 when Strong Bad fell onto the couch as he was recovering from a fit of the jibblies. While this running joke is similar to video game titles like those found on the labels of the Floppy Disk Container, those games are generally older and less well-known than the titles Strong Bad mumbles. In Homestar Ruiner, Strong Bad mentions a game made by Videlectrix, RhinoFeeder (which Strong Bad dreamed up in the Strong Bad Email video games), rather than a real-world game. (more...)

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