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"Dag, yo" in color!

What's Her Face is the "pity friend" member of the Teen Girl Squad who is distinguished mainly by her common sense and, consequently, mistreatment from the other members of the Squad. She is the least popular and most ignored member of the Squad; in Teen Girl Squad Issue 3, Cheerleader excludes her specifically from a trip to the mall and sends her to a thrift store instead, and "forgets" to invite her to the beach in Issue 5. Despite her strained relationship with Cheerleader, What's Her Face seems to have a pretty strong relationship with The Ugly One, as evidenced by Issue 4. What's Her Face could be described as somewhat depressed, even in dire situations. She also is much smarter than the other members of the Squad. It also appears as though What's Her Face has more of an interest in having a real boyfriend than the other members do, rather than picking up guys quickly as is Cheerleader's style. (more...)

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