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"Who's the dude that moves to the beat?"

The Cheat Theme Song, released on Monday, February 25, 2002, is the very first of the Homestar Runner toons to be powered by The Cheat. This toon shows off The Cheat's drawing style in the form of a music video directed by The Cheat and performed by The Skate Party. This music video is about who The Cheat is (and is not). For instance, he is claimed to always give Strong Bad a hand, ruin Homestar Runner's plans, move to the beat and even make out with Marzipan, but is not the guy from 21 Jump Street. When the video ends, Strong Bad and Homestar Runner each provide their own opinions of the video. This toon introduces The Cheat's first computer, Tangerine Dreams, and features a cameo by Pikachu, to whom The Cheat bears more than a passing resemblance. (more...) watch

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