The Skate Party

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The Skate Party
The band's logo
Origins Nashville, TN
Genre(s) Pop rock
Members Josh

The Skate Party was a Nashville-based band consisting of two members, Josh and Jesse. Active from around 2001 to 2004, the band recorded songs about The Cheat and Strong Sad in between making few, if any, live performances.

The Cheat Theme Song was emailed to The Brothers Chaps, who considered the song a great match for their sensibilities and later met with the band. Its music video, purportedly directed by The Cheat, was the first toon created in the Powered by The Cheat style.

In late 2002, the band was looking for another main character to write a song about. This led to the emo-influenced "Strong Sad Rocks Out". Although this song was also shared with The Brothers Chaps, it was not released to the Homestar Runner body of work until a @StrongBadActual tweet on 3 May 2022.

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