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"It's curtains for you!"
Skeleton'd Strong Bad

Old-Timey Strong Bad (also known as Sir Strong Bad, Uncle Strong Bad, or The Strong Bad) is the Old-Timey version of the present-day Strong Bad. His body is the same overall shape as his modern counterpart, but his "mask" does not have the same design, only blank eyes in a permanent sinister expression. He has a dastardly handlebar mustache, slick black hair, and an upper-class early-1900s American accent, instead of modern Strong Bad's accent of unknown origin. He does not appear to have a mouth. He has bones in his mustache and a severe crack in his skull which exposes his brain, as well as bones in his feet that are shaped exactly like his shoes, as seen in That a Ghost. His goal in life seems to be to thwart The Homestar Runner's plans with the help of his lackeys, the Strong Man and The Sneak, and he spends his spare time answering telegrams in the Telegraph Room (as opposed to email). He is frequently asked the question "How do you manage the telegramophone whilst wearing gentleman's sport gloves?", which infuriates him. As seen in alternate universe, he also seems to occasionally spend time performing "goode-time parlor tricks", such as not making anything appear (which was unfortunately ruined by Strong Bad).

He occasionally tends towards a propensity for an excessive verbosity that uses many more words than the amount necessary, which is usually very repetitive and redundant. He is also more of an actively villainous character than his modern day doppelganger. While Strong Bad usually just makes fun of people, Old-Timey Strong Bad performs evil schemes such as stealing all the parsnips so The Homestar Runner will go hungry, and selling Sickly Sam to the glue factory.

He once sent half of his mustache to today's Strong Bad in a sealed envelope for the sake of history. In Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 13.2, despite existing in a different era, he managed to call modern-day Marzipan using his telegramophone.


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  • In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, when putting on the thin moustache in the Snap Shak, Strong Bad speaks in a voice that sounds almost exactly like his Old-Timey counterpart, saying, "Yes, I'll tie you down to the dastardly train tracks! And wear a cape for no good reason!"

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