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This article is about the DVD bonus video. For the Weekly Sketchbook featured on the Main Pages, see Sketchbook. For the Sketchbook featured in the Museum, see Sketchbook (museum).
So many Trogdors, so few good Trogdors


Mike and Matt take a closer look at many, many never-before-seen sketches.

Cast (in order of appearance): Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman

Running Time: 7:16

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Three


[edit] Transcript

{The video opens with a shot of a black marbled composition book with a Strong Mad sticker. Matt and Mike are off screen behind the camera}

MATT: Welcome to the sketchbook.

MIKE: We're going to look at stuff {book opens} from our sketchbooks and talk about it.

{Turns to a page with some sketches of a muscular The Cheat}

MATT: This is the Strong Badman comic version of The Cheat. Look how scary he is. {points finger} He looks kind of like the Predator, maybe. He has dreads {points to dreads} and spots {points to spots}. And no neck here {points to sketch without neck} and some neck here. {points to sketch with neck. Flips through pages} And then what else we got in here...

{Flips to a sketch of a postcard of Pantsburg from the email "vacation"}

MATT: You recognize this...

{Flips to some more sketches of postcards}

MATT: Uh, but do you recognize "egg or rice"? {points to postcard saying "egg or rice"} What a place that would be to visit, right Mike?

MIKE: That's right.

{Flips to more postcards}

MATT: {talking about the postcards} What about the "Fake Palms Resort"? Or say a "Giant Book"? Or "Cruckscrew Bend's Fairly Oversized Elbow Macaroni"? What if Strong Bad had visited these places?

MIKE: I can't imagine what he might have said.

{Flips to even more postcards}

MATT: {points to postcard} What would he have done if he was at the corner of "No Dumping and No Dumping Street"?

MIKE: {almost laughing} Then he would have been dumping.

MATT: {points at another postcard} What about "Not A Very Big Ball O' Belts"? I bet he wouldn't have been very impressed.

{Takes out a sheet with some Stinkoman sketches on it}

MIKE: Look, there's a drawing of Stinkoman, an early drawing of Stinkoman.

MATT: No hair, no blue hair.

MIKE: He's got thumbs too.

MATT: {points to thumbs} And thumbs!

{Pans to another Stinkoman sketch}

MATT: And there's another one, laughing Stinkoman.

MIKE: {at same time as Matt} And uh, down here, very light, you can see Marzipan.

MATT: Yeah, she's got the little tear. {points to sketch of Marzipan}

{Takes out sheet with Teen Girl Squad sketches on it}

MATT: And here's these ladies, do you sorta recognize them? There's Cheerleader with tentacles, The Ugly One is actually the hottest one, if you'll look. What's Her Face has huge lips, and So-And-So has skater hair. Still her plaid skirt though.

{Flips through book, turns it sideways}

MIKE: Is there anything else in there?

MATT: I don't know...there's some...

MIKE: Mortice, I like Mortice.

MATT: Mortice. {points to weird Strong Bad-like sketch} That's uh, Strong Bad.

MIKE: It's barely Strong Bad. {laughs} It really is. It's really-

MATT: If it weren't for that {points to diamond on forehead} and the general shape of his head. {points to a Strong Bad-like sketch with hands in pockets} Look at that Strong Bad kid from the '50s there. Uh... {flipping the page} Ooh, look at these! {page shows poorly drawn dragons} Uh, this was the - when we did Trogdor we just each started drawing a ton of badly drawn dragons. And here's a whole bunch of them. You can see the circled ones were finalists.

MIKE: {pointing to a Trogdor finalist} I like him a lot...

MATT: {referring to the same finalist} Two arm-y... Uh...

MIKE: {pointing to an S shaped stick figure} Look at th- I just noticed this... {starts laughing}

MATT: {laughing} That's a good one. {pointing to an odd figure with a caption saying "yess, yeeesss?!"} There's Death's Head... uh... what else?

MIKE: Oh, and this is the best one!

MATT: {pointing to an intelligent-looking dragon} And there's intellectual man... Trogdor.

MIKE: He's reading a book!

MATT: ...and has glasses on...

MIKE: There's some poison.

MATT: And a melting, melting pizza.

MIKE: There's some poison.

MATT: I didn't drew that poison.

{page turns to different bears}

MATT: This is from one of the extra emails on your DVD. {turns it sideways} These are some sketches - sorry that's sideways - uh... sketches of the bear from one of the greeting cards. {pointing} That's clearly a "Far Side" bear... from the "Far Side." And there's the sick guy. {flipping the page to a bunch of Eh Steves} And that's, uh, Eh Steve - the invention of-

MIKE: - the inception of Eh Steve. {pointing} There's a little guy and there's the "Super Brave" kid. That's "Market Share" and there's a piece of swiss cheese.

MATT: Yeah... He looks pretty good. {flipping the page} This, uh... is Senor Cardgage... and look! He's dragging along behind him the cloitsterizer - from one of our emails, which is an object we actually saw a little kid with, right? Yeah, dragging around a -

MIKE: Yeah a wooden piece of cheese... on a string...

{page flips}

MATT: What's that, Mike? {pointing}

MIKE: That's a picture of Strong Bad wearing a crown, holding a fish and a guitar.

MATT: Yeah! That's a great one. {flipping the page}

MIKE: And Ilko Skev├╝ld.

MATT: This was the concept before we decided to alter an actual photograph. {pointing} uh, and there's some... uh... tentacle Strong Bad. And miner Strong Bad. These are also barely Strong Bad, really.

MIKE: Yeah. {flipping the page} This is from an email that's not on the DVDs. It's L'il Brudder when he was just called "Brudder". And here are some other one-legged dogs.

MATT: {in a southern accent, pointing} All kinda bumps... I mean, not bumps...

MIKE: {trying to do a southern accent} Bumps...

MATT: {flipping page} Here's another, uh, Cheat, uh, comic book stuff. And a really fat King of Town.

MIKE: {flipping page} And here is, ummm, some Cow Copter... drawings.

MATT: Sherlock.

MIKE: Yeah, Sherlock is his real name. And he's wearing baggy pants.

MATT: {flipping page} Here's uh, some potential covers for the Strong Bad Sings album. {pointing} Uh... That one he has...cottage cheese muscles. And in this one he's got a laser going through his head. {flipping page}

MIKE: And here's, uh, the Jolly Dumple. {reading} "Sheer elegance!!"

MATT: That's the grade I got on that drawing.

MIKE: That you gave yourself...

MATT: Yeah, I think I wrote that too.

MIKE: {pointing} And I like that guy too.

MATT: {pointing} And "Pou Baby".

MIKE: {unintelligible} {pointing} Graw Mad.

MATT: {flipping page} Uh... This is from the inside cover of Strong Bad Sings but we - I guess we just forgot to do this! Look, it had a suggested sound effects thing. {saying sound effects in Strong Bad voice} Froosh! Rar-a-tat, rat-a-tat! Dooj! Psheow! DOOSH!! CRGHGH!! AHH THE FIRE ON ME IS BURNING!

MIKE: {flipping page} Here's an unfinished Strong Badman comic.

MATT: {in comic announcer voice} In a building... {he pronounces "building" as "bulding"} {as a telephone} Ring! Ring... Ring! {as Strong Badman} Hello?

MIKE: That's all we got...

MATT: Yeah, that's... that.

MIKE: It's... It was gonna be good though...

MATT: Yeah, gripping. I can't wait to see what happens next. {flipping page} Here's some more Strong Bad Sings. {pointing} This one has a fishnetted hot lady leg coming out of some fire. {pointing} Here's Strong Bad with giant high-watt amp... for legs... Some different Strong Bads...

MIKE: {flipping page} And, um, here's a gas station with the wold-famous-

MATT: {correcting} Woild!

MIKE: Woild-famous The Cheat gas station.

MATT: With outrageous prices!

MIKE: Prices... and no-armed, bearded Coach Z!

MATT: Coach-

MIKE: Coach "Backwards N" rather...

MATT: {laughing} Yeah... {mutters} Yup. {flipping page} Uh, we made this thing The Cheatar for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - a giant 10-foot fiberglass guitar. Here- This was gonna be Trogdor. You can see his head there... Then he'd be kind of curled up, {pointing} and it says, {reading} "Trogdor is this", just to verify. Uh, there's a BAD Homestar Runner one that we probably - good idea we didn't do.

MIKE: Ha! Very good, that we didn't do that one.

MATT: That one's The Cheat, before we added the arms.

MIKE: Huh, {flipping page} I never noticed this before, it's Wilbur, {pointing} frommmm...

MATT: Huh, that's just, that's from another egg- extra email on your DVD, that recently purchased Strong Bad Email three disk set! {flipping page} Uh... this was I think gonna be of the... the... cabinet art for the Trogdor stand up video game. {pointing} Look at how- what if that was the guy you were in Peasant's Quest? This old woman...

MIKE: {laughing} That's not Rather Dashing.

MATT: {laughing} No, clearly not. Uh, {muttering} that's kinda funny...

MIKE: {flipping page} What else? Anything?

MATT: Here's a comic that we made for our alma mater, uh, Dunwoody High School. They asked us to do something for the uh-

MIKE: School newspaper.

MATT: -yeah. So what does it say at the beginning there, Mike?

MIKE: {reading} Scribble scribble.

MATT: {as Strong Bad, reading comic} Hey Homestar, this brick's got your name on it! KRAK! {as Homestar} Wait a minute, this is hardly my name at all!

MIKE: {pointing, reading} That says Strong Sad. So, Clobber! {pointing} He threw a safe-

MATT: {At same time as Mike, as Homestar} Oooooooooooooh, that's better.

MIKE: -With Homestar's name on it. That's humor.

MATT: {flipping to the original children's book} And we'll end it with uh, with what started it all, the Kinko's colored Xeroxed cover of The Homestar Runner.

MIKE: Here wait, draw something really quick there.

MATT: Oooh, we'll end drawing something.

{Camera cuts to a time-lapse video of two blank sheets of paper, Matt and Mike begin drawing their respective sketches}


MIKE: What are we gonna draw?

MATT: Uhhhh, Homestar Runner. Mine, already, is bad.

{They finish sketching, and arrange their sketches side by side to compare}

MATT: Mine's shooting a bazooka.

MIKE: Mine's saying 'Yo'. {laughing} Okay, yours wins.

MATT: Yes, so neither of us are very good at drawing our own characters, eh Mike?

MIKE: That's true.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • Some of the sketches the Chaps display had been used previously in the liner notes of Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits and as Weekly Sketchbook images.
  • Early scripts for Pumpkin Carve-nival and the emails little questions, cheatday and Videro Games, along with the Tire Madness Easter egg from 2 years, can be seen while The Brothers Chaps are flipping the pages.
  • Among the potential Trogdors, one uppercase 'D' and one dragon based around a lowercase 'd' can be seen. These are likely abandoned attempts to base Trogdor around a 'd' for dragon rather than an 's' for snake.

[edit] Inside References

  • This is another mention of pizza.
  • One drawing is of one of the kids in Super Brave!!.
  • The sound effects that Matt says in Strong Bad's voice include "Froosh" and "Dooj".

[edit] Real-World References

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