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"One, two, and flex your pecs."

The Gymnasium (or "Gymatorium") is where various sports events are held, but it has also been used to hold the "Entrapment All Up On the Moon Dance", and various other non-sporting events. It appears to be a wooden basketball court with a large wrestling mat over it. The mat was red in montage, blue in lady fan and senior prom, and was both red and blue in Strongest Man in the World. There is a stage adjacent to the gymnasium, and a "Score Show-a" scoreboard on the wall. This gymnasium is where the Champeenship was held, where Homestar Runner and Strong Bad did some exercises to work out, and also where Homestar and Pom Pom worked out to practice for the Strongest Man in the World contest. Coach Z sometimes acts as referee here. In more armies, the gymnasium was the location of the Vaguely Military Career Fair. The gymnasium also appears to be the home court of the "Fightin' Coach Z's", but what sport they play is a mystery.

Though the exterior has never been shown, it would be likely it is in the same building as Coach Z's Locker Room; Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People shows the locker rooms as being within a large structure with windows along the top, which lends credence to the locker rooms and the gymnasium being within the same structure.

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