The Homestar Runner Evolution

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Back in 1933, the animation wasn't that good. When Parsnips A-Plenty was released in 1936, the characters were redrawn with a more refined look. The Homestar Runner is no exception.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
Early designs 2000 Sketchbook (museum) N/A
This is the first design for The Homestar Runner. 2000 (1933) Kick the Can; Main Page 10 N/A
This is the current design. 2002 (1936) Parsnips-A-Plenty, 20X6 vs. 1936, Ballad of The Sneak, Mr. Shmallow, That a Ghost, high school, 4 branches, Decemberween Short Shorts, Sickly Sam's Big Outing, April Fool 2014, 2022 Costume Pack Now Available Outlines are less sketchy and more refined, jaw is lower and juts out more, propeller is wider and doesn't have a black spot in between blades anymore, "colors" are brighter, and feet point in different directions. His body is a little lighter and more broad.
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