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Hey. I am not a major contributor, but I love the website. My name is Jacob and I live in Wisconsin. On Wisconsin! Go Badgers!


[edit] Favorite stuff

Character: Strong Bad or Senor Cardgage Senor_Cartgage_Profile.PNG

Toon: Totally Strongest Man in the World Strongest_Man_Contest_Judges.png

Short: An Important Rap Song AnImportantRapSong.PNG

TGS: Numba 11 TeenGirlSquad11.PNG

Main Page: Number 20 Main20.PNG

[edit] Favorite Quotes

Stinkoman - " Good job Big Nose!" Strong Bad - "Big Nose?" Stinkoman - "Your Nose!" alternate universe

Homestar - "MIKE: Did the gu—have to draw the guy with the big knife?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, I ended up drawing a girl with a salad. sbemail CGNU (DVD Commentary)

Strong Bad - "That little robot's stuck in the sand again!" sbemail senior prom

Strong Bad as Homsar - "Twas the pride of the peaches." sbemail Interview

Senor Cardgage - "My left name is "Tremendous Savings", Ms. America!" Senorial Day

Strong Sad - "OHGH! Somebody hit me on the slant!" Senorial Day

Strong Bad - I'm already playing Nintendo in the other room! lackey (DVD Easter Egg transcript)

Coach Z? - "Oh, did you see that? The Cheatasaurus can do it again!!" Summer Short Shorts

Bubs - "Bologna! Come on people, come on plam tree!!" Weclome Back

Mr. Bland - Okay.... This is going really well. Strongest Man in the World

Marzipan - MIKE: Carol... Is that just a prop?

MARZIPAN: It is a prop.

MATT: What's your guitar's name? sbemail marzipan (DVD Commentary)


Strong Bad - "Some people have rigged the enemy base with explosives. Albert has." kid's book

Strong Sad - "Hello Strong Bad, I have been waiting for you" (In his spit bubble voice) Missing Lappy

Strong Bad - "I am the very strongest. While on the other hand, inversely, you guys are not very strong." Strongest Man in the World

Strong Bad Sings - This One Time I Saw Homestar Punching a Kitten in the Throat (One of the song titles)

Homestar - Say, you like pamphlets? {holds up a book of "Game Program Instructions" by Videlectrix} Here's a pamphlet! {tears book in half} Here's two pamphlets! sbemailmore armies

Homestar - "I'm about to win! {room darkens} Awww..." environment

[edit] Favorite Sbemails

1. bedtime story 2. do over 3. animal 4. space program 5. alternate universe 6. replacement

[edit] See Ya Later, Alligators!

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