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  • Comic Sightings:
    • Print comics: Adventure Time; Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Eight; Digimon; Hawkman; Mercy Sparx; Runaways; Sonic The Hedgehog; Stuck in the Middle; Teen Titans Go!
    • Unsure: Arby the Archer; MoDCAMeRa
    • Webcomics: Everything else
  • Animation Sightings:
    • Web Animation: Everything
  • Television Sightings:
    • Animated: Big City Greens, Clarence, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Megas XLR, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, The Proud Family, Robot Chicken, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Unikitty!
    • Borderline:
      • Adult Swim (shows mainly but not exclusively animation as far as I know; still probably wouldn't count as animation)
      • Maya and Miguel (animated series, but describes live-action segment)
      • New York Noise (says entire Experimental Film video shown; probably wouldn't count as animation)
    • Non-animation: Everything else, unless I missed something
  • Website Sightings:
    • Webcomics: Amazing Superpowers, Brooks TV, Gamecheetz, Holy Bibble, Otaku Revolution: The Strip, Salvadora
    • Web Animation:, Forum Stage, Fred The Monkey, Funny or DIE, La La La, Laser Dragon University,, Red vs Blue, Roosterteeth
    • Web-based games: Addicting Games, Atari Age, Choice of Games: Dragon, For The Win Lite, FunOrb, Kings of Chaos, ROBLOX, Shoot the Cliché, Xgenstudios
    • Borderline/dunno:
      • 8-Bit Theater (Sighting is on a site for a webcomic, but is not part of that webcomic)
      • Charlie Clay And The Clay Crew (can't find the actual episodes)
      • Doraemon Abridged (video unavailable but presuming this is an abridged series, which would be borderline animation)
      • Finding Sushi (says it's been deleted, so no way to know what it is unless someone happens to know)
      • Futurama Madhouse (might could maybe be considered a comic? Possibly?)
      • I-Mockery (one is a game, rest seem to be blog entries)
      • Joe Wuz Here! (can't find the site but the entry says it's a comic so it's probably a webcomic)
      • Kevin & Kell (similar situation to 8-Bit Theater)
      • Newgrounds (some entries are animations, some are games)
      • Something Awful (some but not all entries are animations)
      • Super Mechrio World (made by the same people as Doraemon Abridged, videos unavailable)
      • Stick Shorts (stick animation counts as animation, right?)
      • YouTube (some but not all entries are animations)
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