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[edit] Current Stuff, Er, Messages

Anyways, Take a look around. Help yourself to some of those chips, man. They've been there since The Cheat's Birthday a couple months ago.

[edit] Discovering H*R (and the wiki too!)

I was at Homestar Runner since 2001, and during the time, my brother blocked H*R From our computers. Then after which seemed like tooty two months, my brother unblocked them. 3 years after, I looked up the strong bad character video and found the wiki. I didn't join till August 8, 2008, and now I'm redesigning my profile!

\m/ Dude1057 \m/ 18:28, 8 August 2008 (UTC)

[edit] ZZZ... ZZZ... ZZZ- WUHT?!? You WUHT?

You made it through my profile? Good for you. now, SCRAM!!! Hehe. Just Kidding.

Number of ppl who likes my profile: -1

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