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Homestar rules!!!! (This page is a working progress)

[edit] Personal Favourites

Screenshot Category Name Quote
Other First Time Here? Oh, right. Homestarrunner dot net. "Its dot com!"
Toons Fluffy Puff Commercial "Before I drink something, oftentimes I eat something too."
Toons Strong Bad Sings "{singing} You've got an ugly butt, and a stupid... butt."
Puppet Stuff Strong Bad vs. Little Girl "Careful. That's my only The Cheat....that I have..."
Puppet Stuff Homestar vs. Little Girl 2 "What would you put inside your own witch's brew?"
Holiday Toons Homestar Presents: Presents "Ooh, but it is snowing."
Holiday Toons The Best Decemberween Ever "I know! And you liked it so much, I decided to get it for you again!"
Strong Bad Email dangeresque 3 "Oh, here comes little e-mail, with a gun in his hand..."
Character Videos Homsar's Character Video "Hi, Wonder Mike! I'm Homsar! The captain of the gravy train."
Strong Bad Email different town "Make the town different, eh, Steven? {He breaks into song.} Weeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhllllllll,—"
Strong Bad Email 50 emails "What is that stupid word?"
Strong Bad Email virus "Waaugh! That is not a small number! That is a big number!! What'm I gonna do?"
Strong Bad Email replacement "Delorted!!"
Easter Egg Super Kingio Brothers "Jump, King of Town, jump!!"
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