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Hello there.
I first saw Homestar Runner Characters a long time ago in the Bonus Stage Episode #9 Morbid. I also visited the Homestar website and watched a toon, but somehow I didn't really like it.

Years later on January 14, 2006, I watched Morbid again and also visited H*R. The first toon I saw there was the most recent toon that time, Happy Trogday. Since sbemail 146 pop-up I also watch it regularly.

[edit] What is a "Marzipankartoffel"?

"Marzipankartoffel" is the german word for "Marzipan-Potato". A Marzipankartoffel is a spherical object made out of Marzipan, about 2cm in diameter, that is covered with powder made out of cocoa and cinnamon. Since this powder makes the Marzipankartoffel look brown, they are called Kartoffeln (Potatoes). The Marzipankartoffel probably isn't that well know in English-speaking parts of the world, however it is a kind-of-popular christmas-sweet in Germany. The German Wikipedia also has an article about it for those of you who speak German; for those who don't, there also is an image of 6 Marzipankartoffeln on said page (one is cut in half).

[edit] How to pronounce it

Since it's a German word, it may be pronounced differently than you thought.

Mar - mar, like the English pronounciation
zi - tse, this differs form the English pronounciation
pan - parn, again, like the English
kar - car, like car (the thing you can drive around with)
toff - toff pronounces somewhat similar to "tough"
el - ell, like in "He fell down the stairs"

Those with a text-to-speech program, e.g. Apples TextEdit, can try entering the following phrase:

mar tse parn car toff fell

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