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Strong Sad is squirrel-handed left-handed

Although only approximately 10% of the US population are left-handed, a large portion of the characters in the Homestar Runner universe appear to be either left-handed or ambidextrous (even though some characters do not have visible arms). Since all 3 of The Brothers Strong are ambidextrous, it may be a trait that runs in the family. In fact, given how different they really are from each other, it may be the only trait they have in common.

[edit] Left-handed Characters

[edit] Ambidextrous Characters

[edit] Appearances

  • Egg Throwing GameStrong Bad throws left-handed.
  • Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis TrueHomestar Runner plays the lute left-handed.
    • However, in the email mini-golf, he putts right-handed.
  • Arcade GameThe Cheat plays TROGDOR! left-handed.
  • 20X6 vs. 1936The Homestar Runner plays the washboard left-handed.
  • Email personal favorites — Pom Pom and Coach Z hold their knives in their left hands. Pom Pom later switches his to his right hand.
  • Email funnyBubs is eating french fries with computer ketchup left-handed.
  • Email suntan — Strong Bad is seen writing with a permanent marker using his left hand.
  • Email kids' book — One of the original characters, Gregor, is listed to be left handed.
  • Email army — Strong Mad holds his badminton racket in his left hand.
  • Under ConstructionPan Pan is shown "eating pudding with a spoon" left handed.
    • Although he uses chopsticks with his right hand on Main Page 17, Chopsticks are traditionally held in the right hand only, even by the left-handed.
  • Email dangeresque 3Strong Bad plays racquetball left-handed.
  • Peasant's Quest PreviewRather Dashing holds the Trog-Sword left-handed.
    • He also pulls his bow string back with his left hand while killing Kerrek.
  • Email old comics — In an Easter egg, Strong Mad holds the orange spoon with his left hand.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 8What's Her Face plays the bass left-handed.
  • Senorial DaySenor Cardgage signs the football with his right hand, but winds up to throw it with his left.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 9 — What's Her Face holds the spoon left-handed when she is eating staple sauce.
    • In this same issue, The Ugly One holds a Big Knife with her left hand when she carves "BFF" into the tree.
  • Email space program — The Cheat throws the CD case at Homestar using his left arm.
  • Email portrait — While stuck in the frame, Strong Bad is painting left handed.
  • Email high school — Homestar plays the bass left-handed.
  • Email narratorStrong Sad is seen eating his Rogan Josh pot pie with his spoon in his left hand.
  • Email alternate universe — Strong Sad plays a classical guitar left-handed.
  • Email senior promThe Blacksmith appears to be left handed, since the snare drum is on the right hand side of the drum set.
  • Email redesign — Strong Bad holds his spear in his left hand and his shield in his right.
  • Email keep cool — Strong Bad raises his left hand, inviting the viewer to "give [him] five".
    • Strong Sad later uses his left hand to grab a spoonful of hoisin sauce off his head and eat it.
  • Email trading cards — Strong Bad uses his left hand to draw himself bench-pressing dinosaurs on a sticky note.
    • Despite this, Strong Bad is seen drawing right-handed in both 3 wishes and comic.
  • Email cliffhangers — Strong Bad holds the Big Knife in his left hand.
    • Also, when Coach Z reaches for the Thnikkaman's shades, he reaches with his left hand.
  • Email retirement — Strong Bad swings the pickaxe with his left hand.
  • Email coloring — When The Cheat is manufacturing a "laser lemon", he is holding the soldering iron in his left hand.
  • Why Come Only One Girl? — One of the proposed designs of The Hurricane has her playing guitar left-handed.
  • Email unnatural — When Strong Bad and the Cheat are having tea, the handle of the cup on Strong Bad's side is angled as if it was held by the left hand.
  • Email rough copy — The Cheat is throwing water balloons at Homestar left handed.
    • Also, Strong Bad and The Cheat alternate which hand they hold their guns in.
  • DNA Evidence — Strong Sad writes left handed with a fountain pen, but switches to his right hand halfway through, and then back to his left hand.
  • Email mini-golfCoach Z is playing "cack-handed": he has a right-handed stance, but his left hand is on the bottom.
    • Also, The Cheat putts right-handed.
  • Email pizza joint — The Cheat writes The Pizz's sign left-handed.
  • Email pet show — The Cheat throws a Milton Bradley Starbird and peels potatoes with his left hand.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 14 — So-and-So's "armor" goes on her left hand/arm when she calls out for a number 2 pencil.
    • However, she is later shown using a pencil with her right hand (albeit as a spear).
  • Cheat Commandos (toon) — Fightgar fires a laser gun at offscreen enemies in both directions, appearing to change hands from right to left back to right as he does so.
  • Email email thunder — The Cheat plays the flute left handed.
  • Kick-A-Ball — Homestar and Pom Pom are seen pitching the ball with their left hands.
  • @StrongBadActual Tweet (27 Apr 2022) — Strong Bad claims that The Cheat's animation corrected They Might Be Giants' drawing by "making Homsar play [guitar] lefty".
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