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Rejected characters from Homestar Runner are those that appeared briefly, typically very early in the site's history, but were not further developed and do not appear outside of brief, occasional cameos. They were designed for various purposes, often relating to one of the final main characters or as an attempt to fill a niche in character design.

Rejected characters were typically shared in the weekly or Museum Sketchbook, seen in early site pages, or revealed in Why Come Only One Girl?. The Brothers Chaps have also occasionally brought up characters in interviews or DVD commentaries. In recent years, several characters have made cameo appearances in A Decemberween Mackerel or in @StrongBadActual tweets.

Image Name Description
That weaselly know-it-all Homeschool Winner
See main article: Homeschool Winner

Homeschool Winner is a spoof of Homestar Runner — a similar design with shifted details, and a tendency to be perceived as a creepy nerd rather than a well-loved athlete.

The Unguraits The Unguraits are small bandit-like characters. Their appearances are obscured by long green robes and white wrappings covering their heads, the only visible part of their body are a pair of glowing red eyes. The card depicts a group of four, they appear diminutive in a hunched stance. Brief mentions suggest the Unguraits were designed to be antagonists.

They first appeared in the Character Cards. A Sketchbook drawing suggests they were originally considered to portray the forces of Blue Laser in Cheat Commandos. They were briefly mentioned in the DVD commentary for Date Nite; Mike and Matt suggest that Homestar and Strong Bad would have to cooperate if all the other characters were frozen by the Unguraits. Three Unguraits appeared, standing on top of each other, in A Decemberween Mackerel.

In the champeenship? I'd like to see you try! Champeen Champeen first appeared, unnamed, in the background of the Dancin' Bubs game. Her name was revealed years later in Why Come Only One Girl?, which explained she was intended to be the female equivalent of Homestar Runner. Similar to Homestar, she lacks arms and has a cylindrical body with long, thin legs and red soles at the bottom of her feet. Her skin is a light manila, and she has orange hair worn in pigtails. She wears a frilly light blue dress and a gold medal, hinting at her athletic successes (although Strong Bad suspects it's chocolate gelt).

Her silhouette appears in A Decemberween Mackerel. She later appears in Mario Paint-form in the third edition of Mario Paint Thursdays, shown coming in 1st place in a competition. Fan Costumes of Champeen were featured in 2020 and 2022.

Dijjery Doo
See main article: Dijjery Doo

Dijjery Doo is a prankster that resembles a walrus, filling a similar role as The Cheat.

Trivia Time
See main article: Trivia Time

Trivia Time was designed to be Pom Pom's dog.

Preshy and Rafferty Preshy (right, in pink) and Rafferty (left, in blue) were designed for the unfinished toon "Those Darn Cousins", which was in production around the year 2000 or 2001. The plot would've revolved around the duo terrorizing Homestar, only to act sweetly to him when others are watching so he cannot find relief. Although they are Homestar Runner's cousins, they refer to him as "Uncle Homestar"; Preshy and Rafferty were voiced by The Brothers Chaps' young niece and nephew.

Rafferty has a similar appearance to Homestar, albeit with hair, arms, and hands. Preshy has a similar body shape to Homestar, while her head resembles Strong Sad's with the soft-serve flip on the back of her head. They both cameo in A Decemberween Mackerel. They later appeared in Mario Paint Thursdays, coming in 3rd and 2nd place, respectively, in a Rejected Characters competition for the gold.

The Hurricane The Hurricane was designed to introduce another female character, as shown in Why Come Only One Girl?. After many scrapped ideas, the "corn-dog-cotton-candy-looking lady" character was chosen; her feet slightly resemble Strong Sad's soolnds, but are yellow and have only one toe. The design was built in Flash and prepped for animation, but The Brothers Chaps recall that the release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker distracted them from finalizing her animation.

Much like other rejected characters, she eventually appeared on the website via a cameo in A Decemberween Mackerel.

See main article: Folly

Folly is an energetic little girl with wheels for feet.

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