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Um. Hi. I'm MrsCommanderson. But you guys can call me Lemita. That's my other username... for other places... I sometimes wonder why it's not my username here. o_O I'm a girl... I like music... and cloth. :D

Check out the other parts of this page, and my page on TMBW! :D




[edit] All Your Base are belong to Bubs

Very old fan thingie I made. Haha? Maybe. [[1]]

[edit] Additions to HRwiki

[edit] Favorites

[edit] Extra

  • Found out about H*R from: My friend, who was telling me about the email stupid stuff
  • First cartoon: stupid stuff, then cheatday.
  • Found the wiki by: Google I think.
  • On the TMBG wiki as: Lemita

[edit] Favorite quotes

  • "That's extracurriculariffic!"
  • "Yeah yeah, Right right."
  • "I doubt it. I drove."
  • "When life throws pies at you, you make yourself a tall, cool glass of piemonade."
  • "All right, squawk box! Shut it up about the fish already."
  • "Survey says, you're an idiot!
  • "Awwww, that's almost adorable.
  • "You're not a broom?!"
  • "Look, I can make mine say 'oboe shoes'!"
  • "Talk atcha later..."
  • "Um, I think it was dot-egg or dot-muffin or something."
  • "SWEET MOTHER OF MYSTERY! What's going on here?"
  • "Look, if it weren't for that tentacle skull riding the old-timey bike, this video would have nothin'!"
  • "Whatever they're called, that one right there with the glasses, he started talking all these vocabulary words at me and confusin' me and the next thing I know, I was relegated to this crappy bit part."
  • "There he is! That glasses guy. You really dig those extreme climates, huh? The desert, the arctic, football stadiums..."
  • "And I'm just here ridin' all y'all's coat tails."
  • "Did you hear that? It said 'Preeeeow'!"
  • "It's like I'm right there, wheeling Grandma through the old town. Do you want to stop in here and get a kielbasa, Grandma?"
  • "You're not Ali. You're not even literate."

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