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Everybody Loves the Me!


[edit] Aw, the Ding and the Dang!

Attention, blubbering masses; Pull yourselves together! Now, a new school semester just started for me, so my contributions to the wiki will be less than during the last few weeks. (Wait. Less than they were already?) So, all you sysops out there, rejoice! Because, for about 9 weeks, you don't have to clean up the mess I leave behind when I edit or do transcript or stuff. That is all.

[edit] This User Page is Archived Until the Next Time I Change It

[edit] Most Everyone Wanna Know Who I Am

I'm Open Source Greg. My real name is Jack, and I live in Australia. My favourite things to do are watching Homestar Runner, downloading Homestar Runner with a flash saver, and converting Homestar Runner to iPod and DSi form with an SWF Converter. I also like swimming, reading and running.

I try my best to make this wiki the best it can be, although I sometimes can get lost in the myriad of computer language I have to use, and occasionally make some people a little peeved off at me, although I don't mean it.

[edit] Quotes


[edit] Homestar Runner

  • {sitting in cardboard box with "blue face man's store" written on it} Old Mista' Bubs will never know the difference!
  • Pom Pom, you have been, and always will be, my dog. But, today, I gotta play the strategy card. I'm going with Pom Pom.
  • I wonder how you spell tabasco... Tabascoooo...

[edit] Strong Bad

  • Everybody, now bleed a beetle... Ew. No.
  • No, I'm Carmen freakin' Mir-no, wait. I'm Ozone. From Breakin'
  • Looks like I'm gonna have to juuuuump...

[edit] Strong Mad


[edit] The Cheat

  • Meh

[edit] Strong Sad

  • Homestar, do you even have half a brain?
  • {seemingly laughing} Somebody shoot me!
  • I don't like food anymore!

[edit] Marzipan

  • You took too long with the paint, so me and the Cheat and Strong Mad formed a band called Cool Tapes.
  • {MARZIPAN & BUBS} 'Well, howdy, stranger!' 'Stranger? I'm Bubs, remember?' 'Uh, I know. It's a joke' 'That's hilarious!'
  • I won't let you die, Dangeresque.

[edit] Pom Pom

  • {bubble}

[edit] Coach Z

  • Mrs Marzipan Z...
  • I don't know what kinda low-rent, three-bedroom, two-bath, section 8 sport you're playin' here, but I'm playing women's lacrosse.
  • Joearghreagghb!!

[edit] Bubs

  • {burning "exhibit A"} This is just fine!
  • {MARZIPAN & BUBS} 'Well, howdy, stranger!' 'Stranger? I'm Bubs, remember?' 'Uh, I know. It's a joke' 'That's hilarious!'

[edit] Senor Cardgage

  • That's real beautiful, Brethany. Can I borroche it for the senior prom?

[edit] Homsar

  • I'm the butter-silk fairy queen!
  • {normal speech} Hello, Strong Bad. What's the haps?

[edit] King Of Town

  • I'm in my sixties.
  • My life is a joke
  • Let the king have some. For reals this time!

[edit] Characters

This is a list of my favourite characters, in order of favourite to least favourite;

1. Homestar 2. The KOT 3. Bubs 4. Strong Bad 5. Senor Cardgage 6. The Poopsmith 7. Homsar 8. Coach Z 9. Marzipan 10. Strong Mad 11. Strong Sad 12. The Cheat 13. Pom Pom

[edit] Other Stuff I Like

  • Legendary Frog [1]
  • Making Fiends [2]

[edit] Things I Have Helped With

  • I started the Characters' Injuries page
  • I helped with much of Pistols For Pandas, and did about 95% of the transcript
  • After the release of Hremail 3184, I went around to all the pages that had anything associated with the sbemail, and edited them to be up with the times.
  • I began the list of loading screens that appear in the short Loading Screens. I did maybe a third.
  • I contributed about 99.5% of the transcript for imaginary, the easter eggs, did the part that goes above the transcript, and added a few bits and pieces in the fun facts.
  • I made the Grampy Aught-Six page.
  • I...uh...make...custom...userboxes. Yeah.

[edit] And, Finally...

Yep, I'm the second-last crappy Homestar in the 09 Fan Costumes, dressed as Dangeresque... Too?

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