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[edit] Back in action

I have returned!...again!


I've been gone for a while, so fill me in about all the new stuff about this site please! Yes again.. High School's a pain.

[edit] Gaiaonline

GaiaOnline is by-far the most popular Role Playing, Anime-inspired Forums website of all time! Click the link below to check it out! "Gaia has become a kiddy site" - Various Gaians On there, I am "Lord Balmung of Azure Sky".

[edit] Menewsha

Menewsha is what I call "a baby version of Gaia, and will be full of a bunch of surprises!" On there I am "Aiparon".

[edit] IMVU

IMVU is one of the most popular 3D chat programs. It is very hard to get items if you do not have a credit card. Most (good) items cost at least 350 credits. On there, I am keeping the Elemental Warriors Events tradition (from Gaia) going by using the name "OmegaSuza". Kæmanian Comics Inc. is working on an event on there, using the accounts of "OmegaSuza", "JuganTakanashi", and others from the Gaian events. I've said too much xD

[edit] Origins

I am from Dogtown St. Louis, an Irish part of St. Louis in Missouri. After a year I was born and moved down to St. Peters.

Due to my birthday and time of birth, I am superstitious about the number 13. I was born on April 13th 1992 at 1:13 PM (13:13 Military Time), my first and last name equal 13 letters (TIMOTHY ******). There are 13 steps on the staircase to my bedroom.

I am facinated by the Greek letters and of the Irish language (Gaelic), and of the Japanese language. I am a Satanist, but does not mean that I'm evil. It is LaVeyanism, founded by sir Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966. We do NOT literally worship Satan!

I joined HRWiki in 2005 to learn more about the H*R world. You could call me a veteran.

[edit] My Interests

My Dogs, Orange Juice, Rock, hard Rock, Metal, Feather Metal, Symphonic Metal, Goth rock, Goth metal, Spanish, Japanese, Gaelic, Latin, Argentine Girls, Mia, Sammy

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