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[edit] Intro

Oh, I am so awesome!!


This is mainly about why I am a member, and some other stuff about me.

I became a member here on 10/21/05, if anyone cares.

I have seen most of the the toons and shorts on homestar. I have seen all the Strong Bad emails (That's partly why I have this name!) I definately haven't remembered everything about them!!

[edit] How I found this website/why I wanted to become a member

Basically, I was looking up the song lyrics to Experimental Film, I found this website during my search. I found those, then saw that this site had tons of stuff about now I come here every time I have a homestar question.

I wanted to become a member because I know a lot about homestar, and wanted to contribute my knowedge and/or fix the basic spelling/grammar errors of this site!

[edit] Favorites

These are some of my favorite homestar things. My favorite...
My favorite character.

Note: Need to be updated due to new toons, I will get to that

[edit] Other than H*R...

Example of a mindless zombie.

Other than H*R, I do other things(its not like I'm a mindless zombie who sits on the computer all day!). These things include:

  • Everyday life... stuff (eating, etc.)
  • Most sports (good at them or not)
  • Runescape
  • Play video games
  • Listen to music
  • Um.. most of the normal stuff a 14-year-old does!

[edit] (The very few) Contributions I am proud of

These are all the Contributions I am proud of (duh!)—

  • Brought into attention that latley (from the Strong Bad email bedtime story) is a limousine company in Switzerland. Proof can be seen here (under the title "Have You Driven a Ford Latley?" Number 5 on the table of contents).

[edit] Conclusion

In conclusion, send me any messages you have to my talk page.

Sbemail(Talk,Contribs.) 05:20, 27 October 2005 (UTC)

Cya later!!!
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