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Hey all. My name is Jason Johnson. I don't have too much to say, but I'm a big fan of H*R (duh). I was first introduced to the site by a friend right after we saw the second Lord Of The Rings. The newest email was either kind of cool or colonization. Either way, I've been watching ever since. My favorite toons are 3 Times Halloween Funjob (I LOVE the music), Caleb Rentpayer (Caleb is a cool name) and the Limozeen songs (leather pants aside). I really do not like sloshy, because I cannot stand the backup singer. Or the frontman. Or their utter inability to sing in time with the music. Or their songwriting. Or their van. I like to help out wherever I can on the site, because it is such a great resource, and it explains stuff I don't initially understand in the toons. I live in the Seattle area, and if I see Monkey D anywhere I will be sure to punch him in the face.

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