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I'm a bit of a fan of, and I'm a bit of a picky perfectionist, as you can tell from my contributions page. That is, except for my user page; I'm a bit shy.

By the way, if you want to comment, please do so on the discussion page.

And, borrowing a convention from someone else's user page:


[edit] My Favorites


[edit] TV and Movies

  • TV Show: Tie between M*A*S*H and Sports Night.
  • Animated Movie: The Incredibles, but followed very closely by Shrek 2.
  • Live-Action Movie: That's a tough one. I'll get back to it later.

[edit] Other Stuff I Do

[edit] My Websites

And a few others that are kinda commercial, so I won't post those here.

[edit] My Hobbies

  • Playing GameCube video games; right now:
    • Donkey Konga
    • Pikmin 2
  • Plus, I just got my boxing gloves on a new Nintendo DS.

[edit] What's On My iPod

  • Chill Techno
  • Lots and lots of H*R-related music
  • Some classical
  • Eddie Izzard's Circle
  • Light jazz
  • Some rock/alternative

[edit] My Jobs

Yes, there's an "S" at the end. I am:

  • A college student
  • A seller on several websites (which I won't list here, since this is non-profit)

And, the job that brings in the most money (now) is something I'm somewhat uncomfortable making public, but I do write for an online news site.

[edit] Coming Soon

I've recorded and edited together a few songs from H*R that haven't made it to Quote of the Week or Downloads on the site. I might put them online. I've got:

  • Whaddaya Know Haddi-Man?
  • Stave It Off

Right now, that's it for the songs like that. The only reason I haven't put them online is that I'm simply not sure if it's legal. They're copyrighted by The Brothers Chaps, so I might get in trouble if I do. (From the funny British website Weebl's Stuff, I also have "Magical Trevor.")

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