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[edit] Spanish stuff!

Hello! Good to see more fellow spanish speakers in town! I just wanted to point out that one of your edits removed all upside down exclamation points "ยก" and question marks from the text! A "pre" tag was also broken which likely had temporarily made the translation unusable. I really appreciate your help in fixing the translations, but I would like you ask you (as well as Tehleet) to be more careful when going over the translations. There aren't many people around who can ensure that the translations are done well so we have to do a bigger job of ensuring that. I will also be making more comments on the subtitles project page. I believe that before making big changes we'll have to nail a few details down. Again, thanks! --Stux 02:35, 19 February 2007 (UTC)

Thanx for the tip! I see you edited it already. Thanks Again! --Darkangel Get offa me!
Hi Darkangel. I've just read your edits for Subtitles:jailcartoon/es; they seem to be an improvement. But I have a few questions considering them:
  1. I know you're against translating most character names, but why did you change "El Cheat" into "The Cheat"? Wouldn't translating the article capture the running gag better?
  2. Why "Caquero" for "Poopsmith", not "Herrero de Caca"?
--Trogga 20:14, 22 February 2007 (UTC)
I must agree with Trogga on the second one. "Herrero de Caca" captures the meaning of "Poopsmith" correctly, whereas the first word just means someone that poops alot. Generally speaking. --Stux 22:44, 22 February 2007 (UTC)
Y'know. If you put it that way, YOU'RE RIGHT! Finishing it up right now... Darkangel Get offa me! 5:08, 22 February 2007 (UTC)

[edit] Darkangel1

Did you create this account? If you did, you need to choose which account you would like to use, but be sure to tell a sysop which one you want so the other can be blocked. If you didn't make the account in question, I apologize. --TotalSpaceshipGirl3 03:10, 16 March 2007 (UTC)

No need to sorry but, that account ain't mine. If the IP adress is similar to mine, then I already know who is the perpetrator. A wikitroll named Memo. My school friend. I showed him this wiki, and wanted me to troll it (And I didn't). He doesn't knows too much english (Mostly swears) and has trolled the spanish Wikipedia once. In an under construction page that mostly everyone at school went to ('cause we needed to investigate about something, but as I said, it was under construction), I saw the phrase "Making out is the art of making children" (In spanish, more vulgar and with lots of spelling errors) at the bottom of the page. And I thought "What the crap?". The next day, I told Memo that story, he replied "What? You saw that? Oh, man! I rock! You already know that you can edit the wiki ANY WAY YOU WANT? Well, I added that phrase! Ain't I a b****?". So, a few months later, I showed him this wiki and I told him "If you ever watch something made by a guy named Darkangel, it's me." So I think he might tried to log in, and he failed. And that's why he created that account. Of course, I might be wrong, and it might be another user and such. Please tell me if the IP adress is similar to mine. Darkangel Get offa me! 7:08, 16 March 2007 (UTC)
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