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What's Her Face's Zip Code

Several real and fake ZIP Codes are used throughout the Homestar Runner site. These include:

[edit] Contact page

[edit] 30307

Seen on the envelope addressed to The Brothers Chaps.

[edit] 2x2x2

Used for the store questions. Real ZIP codes do not include letters; in addition, the abbreviation "OP" is not a real state.

[edit] 642T2

Seen on the envelope that links to the FAQ. The inclusion of letters, making this an invalid ZIP code, is a reference to Tooty-two.

  • According to USPS regulations, ZIP Codes of the order 64*** are in Missouri, but ZIP Codes of the order 642** do not exist. Theoretically, it would indicate an area to the north of Kansas City, Missouri.

[edit] Other

[edit] 80808

Used for the Thorax Corporation, specifying the state of Pennsylvania, and What's Her Face's address.

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