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:''Main article: [[Strong Bad's Wallpapers]]''
The Compé's wallpaper often changes when a new email or email menu is added.
The Compé's wallpaper often changes when a new email or email menu is added.

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So sleek! So-phisticated! So... Compé!
Who taped a full-color photograph to his computer screen?
Compé's Logo

The Compé (pronounced "com-PAY") is Strong Bad's newest computer, which he ordered in Compy Catalog. Like the Compy 386 and the Lappy 486, the Compé is manufactured by Compy, Inc. According to its description in the catalog, the Compé delivers European-sounding flair with Southeast-Asian-sounding prices, which apparently are Strong Bad's favorites. It cost $800, which Strong Bad paid with 80,000 pennies. It appears to have a sense of humor, bringing up a "Fragrant Error" after startup that made Strong Bad very frustrated. It then responded with "i joké". Strong Bad claims that he and the Compé "will get along just fine". Its sound effects are mainly laughs or sighs of a calm, high-pitch male voice. The keyboard is also quieter than those on Strong Bad's previous computers.

The first Strong Bad Email Strong Bad checked on it was independent. In that email, it was revealed that the Compé utilizes a graphical user interface, making it the most technologically advanced computer Strong Bad has owned. It is his first wide-screen computer that Strong Bad has owned, as well as the first one he has owned with a mouse (despite his dislike of them in weird dream and redesign) or a desktop (which he calls the "best thing ever").

Quick Facts

Debut: Compy Catalog

Interactive Feature: None

Fonts: Perfect DOS VGA 437, Perfect DOS VGA 437 Win

Emails checked on the computer so far: 3


Main article: Strong Bad's Wallpapers

The Compé's wallpaper often changes when a new email or email menu is added.


Preeeeow once more.
Main article: Compé-per

The Compé also sports a built-in replacement for The Paper, New Paper, and Envelope Paper: a text box with the words "Click to email Strong Bad." The sound it makes by default is a voice clip similar to the startup sound, but Strong Bad managed to customize it so it emitted The Paper's old Preeeeow. Strong Bad calls it "Compé-per" (pronounced "com-paper"). The back button links to the toons menu rather than the Strong Bad Email menu.

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