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*Strong Bad mentions [[Wikipedia: Eggnog|Eggnog]], a drink commonly drunk during the holiday season.
*Strong Bad mentions [[Wikipedia: Eggnog|Eggnog]], a drink commonly drunk during the holiday season.
*"Sassyfrass" refers to [[Wikipedia:sassafrass|sassafrass]].
*"Sassyfrass" refers to [[Wikipedia:sassafrass|sassafrass]].
*The page title references [ The Boston Pops Orchestra]
==DVD Version==
==DVD Version==

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Eh! Steve's mouth explodes the universe

The Sweet Cuppin' Cakes gang do their usual crazy things on Decemberween.

Cast (in order of appearance): Sherlock, The Worm, The Wheelchair, Eh! Steve, Keyboard Strong Bad, Ready For Primetime, Strong Bad, Homestar Runner

Places: Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land, Homestar's House

Date: July 12, 2004

Running Time: 1:34

Page Title: The Sweet Cuppin Cakes Pops Orchestra featuring Eh! Steve!



{The Sweet Cuppin' Cakes logo appears against a pink background. It disappears for an instant, then a title saying: Cactus Coffee and the No Tell Motel appears. It is then flooded by coffee, which turns into a night sky. The camera pans down to the normal Sweet Cuppin' Cakes tableau. Sherlock and The Worm are present.}

SHERLOCK: {mumbling}

THE WORM: Up, down... Up, down... Up... {sounds like "uhh, yah"}

{Sherlock jumps up, then bites The Worm and starts pulling.}

SHERLOCK: {grunting}

{Sherlock pulls out a pot that flips end-over-end and lands on top of him. The Wheelchair appears and pops the lid off the pot.}

THE WHEELCHAIR: Mmm! Mm! Berled holiday cabbage!

{Eh! Steve slowly rises out of pot, covered in Christmas tree ornaments.}

THE WHEELCHAIR: Eh! Steve, get your sassy-frass out my berled holiday cabbage!

{Eh! Steve jumps into the air, and the scene freezes. His mouth starts shining, and rises into the air.}


{Eh! Steve's mouth disappears; Gothic blackletter reading "EH! STEVE!" appears and drifts back down toward Earth.}

THE WORM: {cartoonish Mexican accent} Is a miracle.

{Words "IS A MIRACLE" appear from The Worm's cartoonishly large mouth.}

{Keyboard Strong Bad pops into existence and plays Jingle Bells. Everyone starts dancing.}

{Cut to a scene of Strong Mad's "Ready For Primetime" 'brow style dancing. Then cut to Strong Bad and Homestar at Homestar's house watching the show on TV.}

STRONG BAD: Uh... Didn't I invent this cartoon?

HOMESTAR: Yeah, I think so.

STRONG BAD: Then how come I can't understand a lick of it?

HOMESTAR: What's not to understand?

{Strong Bad turns to Homestar.}

HOMESTAR: Eh! Steve's mouth exploded the universe, and that blond guy did a tiny, tiny dance.

STRONG BAD: {sarcastic} Oh, right. The true meaning of Decemberween.

HOMESTAR: Yeah yeah, right right.

STRONG BAD: Pff! Whatever! I'ma go "re-nog."

{Strong Bad holds up a half-empty glass of eggnog and leaves the room. The scene dims, the back button appears and after a few seconds...}

HOMESTAR: {whispering} Will you turn the lights back on when you come back in?

Fun Facts


  • It is believed that Keyboard Strong Bad’s head is a Casio VL-Tone, but the song at the end of the Toon is played on a Casio playtime-keyboard.
  • If you look under the TV, you can see three Joy of Painting tapes.
  • When the pot falls on Sherlock it makes the same noise and it does when the Heavy Lourde falls on someone.


  • After Eh! Steve's mouth explodes, the "berled" holiday cabbage is mysteriously gone, and the worm is back in the hole, even though Sherlock had pulled him out at the beginning of the show. However, given the nature of the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes universe, it's possible that such unexplained inconsistencies are within the normal course of events.

Inside References

  • Ready For Primetime first appeared in haircut.
  • The episode name, "Cactus Coffee and the No-Tell Motel," may refer to Strong Bad's mention in the email crazy cartoon that the name of a "crazy cartoon" has nothing to do with the cartoon itself.
  • The "I'm-a go re-nog" is a reference to alcohol

Real-World References

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Strong Bad, Mike Chapman)

STRONG BAD: Mike, I gotta admit to you that this show creeps me out.

MIKE: Are you scared yet?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, I'm very scared.

MIKE: The music alone gets me a little bit jibblie.

STRONG BAD: Yeah. I get— Don't even bring them up, 'cause they'll take over. So, all right: The worm... okay, got him...

MIKE: Right.

STRONG BAD: Sherlock, they call this guy?

MIKE: Yeah, Sherlock.

STRONG BAD: The cowcopter?

MIKE: {Simultaneously} The cowcopter, yeah.

STRONG BAD: And now... So, did that worm... make— That worm was cooking Eh! Steve, for... for Decemberween?

MIKE: You, you can't really think about this in these cartoons, these European cartoons, very much.

STRONG BAD: Though I just— I thought I made up this cartoon.

MIKE: Nah, well, this, it might—

STRONG BAD: Euro Strong Bad?

MIKE: It might be Canadian. I'm not sure.

STRONG BAD: Oh, the Film Board of Canada?

MIKE: Yeah.

STRONG BAD: They make some weird stuff.

MIKE: {Laughs} Yeah.

{As Keyboard Strong Bad appears.}

STRONG BAD: Oh look, there's the old uh, I got one right here in my hand, listen!

{Clicking noises}

STRONG BAD: Those are the keys, me running my hand over the keys of my Casio VL—

MIKE: You can't play it because it's broken.

STRONG BAD: Yeah, which is no good. It works, you can use the calculator on it. Thank God...

MIKE: {Laughs} That a keyboard has a calculator...

STRONG BAD: Yeah. Oh, and look! It's the uh, what's he called? Not Ready For Prime—

MIKE: {Simultaneously} Not Ready—

STRONG BAD: Let's say it together.

MIKE: Not Ready For Primetime!

STRONG BAD: {Simultaneously} Not Ready For Prime-a Time-a!

MIKE: Hey, high five.


{Short pause}

STRONG BAD: I got my Arby's collector’s mug here. Cup. Glass.

MIKE: Whose house is that at, with the—

STRONG BAD: I don't want— I'm not gonna talk about it.

MIKE: You were over at Homestar's house, weren't you?

STRONG BAD: {Stutters, trying to defend himself}

MIKE: Spending Christmas Eve... Watching spaecials.

STRONG BAD: It was a little spaecial. It was a spatial relationship. Between me and Homestar.

Fun Facts

  • The pronounciation of the word special is a reference to Homestar vs. Little Girl, where Little Girl pronounces it the same way.

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