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Duct Tape fixes everything.
"Datum Center" redirects here. For the computers in The Garage shown in isp, see Datum Center Computers.

The Garage is a room where many characters do maintenance and creative work on various projects such as fixing VCRs with duct tape, editing movies, creating laser lemons, and restoring old Mexican accents with sandpaper. Bubs is the usual occupant, though The Cheat, Coach Z, and Strong Bad have also been known to do work there. The garage is also used as a storage area for "eStrong" boxes, and as the Datum Center where Bubs keeps his internet servers. Homestar apparently owns a car which he keeps in the garage. The exact location of the garage is unclear. The presence of the No Loafing Sign suggests that it might be another part of Strong Bad's computer room, though The Brothers Chaps have dismissed this as being an inconsistency on their part.


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