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Look at him go!

The Videlectrix Mascot is the pixelated mascot for Free Country, USA's #1 video game company: Videlectrix! He pops up before almost every Videlectrix game. He usually runs under the Videlectrix logo and trips. He is also seen in the top banner of the Videlectrix website. The Videlectrix Mascot is likely a spoof of Epyx Software's olympiad video game series, released on the Commodore 64 and Atari platforms in the mid 80's. In this game series, you play a highly animated running silhouetted character. This smooth sprite animation was cutting edge for its day.

Appearances (and logo variations)

  • Debut: Population: Tire — The Videlectrix Mascot jogs across the screen, tripping in the middle as the Videlectrix logo pops up. He gives a "thumbs up" signal.
  • Awexome Cross — A still Videlectrix logo with the Mascot appearing on a gray screen. The Cheat in a Tire falls down to the middle of the screen, running over the Mascot. He gives the 'OK' signal.
  • Peasant's Quest Preview and Peasant's Quest Animatic — The Mascot leans on the Videlectrix logo with a cigarette.
  • Peasant's Quest — The Mascot jogs across the Videlectrix logo with a sword and a shield and trips in the middle, impaling himself on his sword. His right leg falls down as the last note of the 2-bit Videlectrix theme plays.
  • Everybody Everybody Poster
  • 50K Racewalker — The Mascot slowly jogs under the Videlectrix logo, like your character in the game.
  • Stinkoman 20X6 — The Mascot is now a modified Mega Man sprite, jogging under the Videlectrix logo. He trips in the middle, then leans up and holds up his arm.
  • Kid Speedy — The Mascot is actually a solid white Kid Speedy. He trips as usual, but instead of giving the thumbs-up, he stands up and looks forward.
  • Where's an Egg? — The mascot is in the same style as the other game characters. He shoots the logo with a gun, then the bullet ricochets back and kills him.
  • Everything Else, Volume 3 — The mascot runs past the FBI Warning, trips, then gives a thumbs up.
  • Snake Boxer 5 — The mascot's run and trip is rendered in Atari 2600 style.
  • Math Kickers — The exact same as Stinkoman 20X6.
  • 8-Bit is EnoughStrong Bad runs and trips, and says "I'm up! Nobody saw that, it's cool!"
  • Gel-Arshie's Pro Fruitboarder — Same as Stinkoman 20X6 and Math Kickers, but with different music.

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