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"Crush the Cheat Commandos!"

Blue Laser, the sworn enemy of the Cheat Commandos, is an evil organization that attempts to take over the planet using various schemes. They are a parody of COBRA, the principal evildoers of the G.I. Joe cartoons on which the Cheat Commandos toons are based. The leader of this organization is the evil Blue Laser Commander, who, with the help of army of minions, tries to crush the Cheat Commandos. Blue Laser has a fairly high-tech operation, including a supercomputer. Despite the possible technological edge that Blue Laser may have over the Cheat Commandos, all their schemes are destined to fail. These include trying to blow up the ocean, sending the Cheat Commandos on a wild goose chase while the command center was relocated and exploiting Double Coupon Day to buy cleaning products.

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