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"I look so good!"

In comic, the 53rd Strong Bad Email, Brittany asks Strong Bad if he can write a comic about four of her friends, Virginia, Joy, Kristen, and Jennifer. Strong Bad makes the comic, changing their names and killing the girls. This email creates the (conveniently numbered) 16th spin-off in Strong Bad Email, Teen Girl Squad. To date, there have been 15 issues, all written and narrated by Strong Bad. The success of the series could be considered fortunate, as Matt Chapman said in a 2005 interview with The Screen Savers that "We [Mike Chapman and Matt] figured we were gonna be way off base cause we don't hang out with so many teen girls anymore. ... But, uh, teen girls seem to be big fans of it so I guess we hit the nail on the head. Or in some cases." watch (more...)

The Teen Girl Squad featured in comic can also be watched as Teen Girl Squad Issue 1, the first toon in the Teen Girl Squad series. watch (more...)

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