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"Today's forecast is total crap!"

Main Page 11 has Homestar Runner hosting his own news broadcast. In this Main Page, the button effects include: the logo for the news popping up; the buildings in the background showing a star-shaped formation of lights, getting burned, and projecting the Homestar Runner logo much like Batman's Bat-Signal; headlines appearing that relate to Coach Z, Strong Bad, and melonade; and cutting to Strong Bad with the weather, where he remarks that "today's forecast is total crap". The subtitle for Coach Z's headline, "More than 2 Problems???", is a reference to his line from Who Said What Now?; also, he does indeed have more than two problems. It is also worth noting that Free Country, USA, or more accurately, Strong Badia, would later get its own news broadcast in the Strong Bad Email local news. view (more...)

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