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[edit] Frog Eggs and Ham

"Frog Eggs" refers to the science fiction novel His Master's Voice by Stanisław Lem, in which scientists try to decipher an alien message, but only manage to create a gelatin-like substance they call "Frog Eggs".

From: winter pool
Posted on: 17:14, 22 January 2008 (UTC)

Arguments for:

  1. There is a connection between the substance in the novel and what is being worked on in the pool (namely gelatin), as well as the phrasing used.
  2. Strong Sad mentions that he "doesn't get it," indicating that the reference might be a bit obscure.
  3. Re: Negarg 3: "Frog Eggs" is not a common phrase; a Google search returns 39,000 returns, as opposed to a phrase like "Belle of the Ball" which returns 217,000.

Arguments against:

  1. Strong Bad is referring to Homestar and Strong Sad, not the jello
  2. There isn't enough of a connection
  3. "Frog eggs" is a common phrase.
  4. Re: Forarg 2: Strong Sad says he doesn't "even get that one". In other words, it is implied that there is no connection between the term "frog eggs" and Strong Sad, His Master's Voice or anything at all. It's just a random line thought up by TBC simply on the basis that it's funny.
  5. "Frog eggs" is just another way of saying "frogspawn". Strong Bad is calling Strong Sad "frogspawn".

Additional comments:

  • Obscure references don't automatically mean that the reference is incorrect or shouldn't be noted.
  • Summary of the novel
    • I haven't read the book, but this review says "viscous" substance; Jell-O is not viscous.
      • Viscous describes the flowing properties of a liquid. Heated gelatin DOES flow (melt, whatever) since it's already in a semi-liquid state. Jell-O is viscous, regardless of how little.
        • Umm, the thicker something is, the MORE viscous, not less.
          • Okay, I could get into how all solids flow/melt when heated (enough), but let's not continue this debate. On topic, does anyone know just how viscous this "Frogs Eggs" stuff was supposed to be in this book, so we have a point of comparison?
  • The reference is so obscure that we can't possibly judge TBC's intent unless they tell us.
  • This is great talk page material, but I don't think there's enough (dessert-related?) substance to put this fact in the article at this point. If the fact is true, though, I think TBC'll confirm it in the commentary.

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