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Stick a fork in him

Homestar Runner's fashion sense is often questioned by the other characters in Free Country, USA.

[edit] Appearances

  • First Time Here?The director immediately cuts a take when he sees Homestar wearing one of several different costumes (or even standing naked).
  • Email fingersStrong Bad tells Homestar that he looks ridiculous when wearing fake arms.
  • Email flashback — Both Strong Bad and the Prince of Town criticize Homestar's duckie shirt.
    • The original plotline for this email would have had Marzipan attempting to do something about Homestar's horrible fashion sense.
  • Email long pants — Strong Bad is repulsed by Homestar's "hot pants".
  • Cool ThingsStrong Sad tells Homestar to "take off those stupid cool shades" after he walks blindly into a "death hole".
  • Email high schoolTeenage Strong Bad and Strong Mad try to liberate Homestar from his "ridiculous stripèd pants".
  • Email narrator — Strong Bad narrates that a "...dorky chef's hat threatened to tear [Homestar and Marzipan] apart" because Marzipan herself expresses thorough dislike for Homestar's chef hat.
  • Halloween Hijinks — Teenage Homestar wears a pair of "absurd zig-zaggèd pants" in an effort to "branch out". He later says that Strong Bad's never-ending attempts to unshackle him from his "ridiculous -èd pants" have paid off after the latter's "Zig-Zaggéd Pants Extricating Machine 2000" assists the Mysfit-steries in capturing Large Bean.
    • Kooky Moonlight — Homestar sings about how Strong Bad and Strong Mad are trying to extricate him out of his absurd zig-zaggèd pants.

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