Marzipan and The King of Town's Relationship

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"Stop doing that right now."

Like most of the characters, Marzipan dislikes The King of Town, though they get along sometimes. Although the idea that the two are related seems to have been rejected (though the King reapproached this in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2), the King does seem to show an unusual amount of trust in Marzipan, and is one of the most frequent callers of her answering machine.

[edit] Marzipan and the King of Town in conflict

  • 3 Times Halloween Funjob — Marzipan scolds the King for eating her candy corn lights, though the King is confused and claims that he didn't do anything. When Marzipan goes back inside she calls the King "stupid" and says he gets on her nerves.
  • Email retirement — The King presumably throws up an ocean of pesto onto Marzipan.
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 15.2 — The King threatens to tell people about Marzipan's surgery because he claims that she told everyone his middle name is Wad.
  • Strong Badia the Free — When Strong Bad gets house arrest from the King, Marzipan hosts a peaceful protest, writes a song about how she doesn't like the King's actions, and lets The Cheat burn an effigy of the overeating government official.

[edit] Marzipan and the King of Town getting along

[edit] References to a familial relationship

The Old Characters Page, briefly on the main site around 2000 and later featured in the Museum, stated that the King of Town "is Marzipan's dad". This idea was quickly abandoned, but has been occasionally referenced as an in-universe misconception:

  • Wonkavision Magazine Interview — Asked about rumors that she is the King's daughter, Marzipan responds: "Those allegations are completely false. The King was trying to make himself look better by association. That poor man. That poor fat, filthy man."
  • Club Aquatica Interview - 29 Oct 2003 — When asked if Marzipan is really the King's daughter, Matt Chapman replied "No, that's a horrible rumor. [...] That was just something that we just toyed around with there briefly, but then decided that's not the way we wanted it to go. We just put that up, but most people don't visit the Museum, so hopefully it doesn't cause too much mass confusion."
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2 — The King of Town finds "some weird results" on the internet that suggest "at least at one time" Marzipan was his daughter.
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