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"I think I left it in there a week or a month ago."

A Melt Shake (also spelled Meltshake) is a beverage sold in Free Country USA.

Meltshakes are available at Blubb-O's. Flavors include Attempt-At-Competing-With-National-Coffee-Chains Premium Mocha-Chip Meltshake (seen in Blubb-O's Commercial), Suudsu, and Piemonade (seen in a @StrongBadActual Tweet). In the DVD commentary for Drive-Thru, Strong Bad claims the Blubb-O's kids' meal toy was a horse with a brown milkshake on its back.

In road trip, Strong Bad finds a Melt Shake under the seat of the Gremlin. It later turns out to be Homestar Runner's, who says he left it in there a week or a month ago. According to a Blubb-O's Collector's Glass, "Homestar loves a run in the hot sun after downing a large Blubb-O's Meltshake", an activity which may make him barf.

Similar cups are seen in John's room in "Say 'Hi' to Hygiene", although the label is not visible.

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