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"I am Hercule Poirot!"

Words with non-English pronunciations are often mispronounced based on their English spelling by the characters of the Homestar Runner universe, usually by Strong Bad.

Other times, English words are given exaggerated, non-English pronunciations in an attempt to sound authentic to their foreign origins, usually by Strong Sad. This tendency of his has been referenced a few times; Strong Bad reminds him in Dad's Garage & Friends that "not every word has some dumb French pronunciation", and refers to it in Fan 'Stumes 2020 as "try-to-pronounce-foreign-words-authentically-but-not-do-a-very-good-job-of-it".

[edit] Ignored Pronunciations

Original word Source language How it was pronounced Standard pronunciation Appears in Spoken by
résumé French reh·zoom reh·zoo·may The Interview Homestar Runner
chamois French sham·oyce, shim·ee sham·wah funny, Podstar Runner 2008 Strong Bad
gazebo English gayz·boh gah·zee·boh 3 Times Halloween Funjob Strong Bad
señor Spanish seh·nor sen·yor Many — see main article Senor
coup French koop koo Email car Homestar Runner
eau French eww oh Email origins Strong Bad
subpoena Latin sub·poe·ee·na sub·pee·na Email rampage Strong Bad
manga Japanese mag·na mahn·ga Trogdor Con '97 Homestar Runner
chez French chezz shay Date Nite Homestar Runner
lasagna Italian la·zan·ya la·zahn·ya DNA evidence, business trip DVD commentary Coach Z, Homestar Runner
laissez-faire French lazy·fair lah·say·fair or lay·zay·fair Strong Badia the Free Strong Bad
prosciutto Italian pres·quee·toe pruh·shoo·tow fan club DVD commentary Strong Bad, Homestar Runner
macabre French macramé, ma·ca·ber, ma·ca·bré mah·kahb Doomy Tales of the Macabre Homestar Runner, Strong Bad
monsieur French mon·soor mis·seeur Fan 'Stumes 2019 Strong Bad, Coach Z

[edit] Exaggerated Pronunciations

Original word Source language How it was pronounced Standard pronunciation Appears in Spoken by
ukulele Hawaiian oo·koo·lay·lay yoo·koo·lay·lee The Luau Marzipan (multiple times)
baklava Turkish ba·ka·la·va, ba·ka·ma·la·va bahk·la·vah Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon Marzipan
haiku Japanese hai·oo·koo hai·koo Halloween Fairstival Strong Bad
rendezvous French ron·day·voooooo·ses
ron·day·vou Email origins
Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective
Strong Bad
anime Japanese ah·nee·may ah·nih·may Trogdor Con '97 Strong Sad
chaperon French shah·pah·rone (French accent) shap·er·own Email senior prom Strong Sad
instrument English in·struh·mohnt in·struh·ment Strong Badia the Free Strong Sad
thermometer English ther·mom·e·teur ther·mom·et·er Strong Badia the Free Strong Sad
menace English men·ah·chay men·iss Strong Badia the Free Narrator
(mistakenly reading it as an Italian word)
macabre French ma·cahb·ruh mah·kahb Doomy Tales of the Macabre Strong Sad
troupe French troop·ay troop Dad's Garage & Friends - 13 Jun 2015 Strong Sad
machete Spanish ma·shet·eh ma·shet·ee The House That Gave Sucky Tricks Strong Sad
Hercule Poirot French cue Pwar·o, A·cool Pwagh·chho Her·kyool Pwah·roh Haunted Photo Booth Strong Sad
Tove Jansson Swedish too·vuh yahn·son (correctly, but with overly stressed intonation) The Homestar Runner Enters the Spooky Woods Strong Sad
Långstrump Swedish Long·stroomp Long·strump Fan 'Stumes 2020 Strong Sad

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