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Podstar Runner


Strong Bad Emails and More!

Podstar Runner is a collection of cartoons transferable to a video capable portable media player (such as a fifth-generation iPod), in .m4v format. The original version was released in 2006, simultaneously with the email technology. A Main Page message on January 7, 2008, indicated that podcasts would return the following Thursday. As promised, the Podstar Runner page had the email looking old available for download. The collection currently only includes Strong Bad Emails released chronologically in 2007 and 2008.

The service was discontinued in October 2009, after "podcast" was replaced by "subscribe" in the NavBar. The original domain for the site (podstar.homestarrunner.com) was removed somewhere after August 14, 2017, the day that too cool came out and was replaced by an archive of the site on that date. The site itself has moved to old.homestarrunner.com/podcast/.

Page Title: Podstar Runner. One a time, please.

Release Date: January 10, 2008


[edit] Transcript

Decisions, decisions.

{Shows a collection of album covers being scrolled through, similar to iTunes' Cover Flow, the first being Taranchula's "Shady Missionaries"}


{Flips over to a record/CD cover to Peacey P's "deliberance" album}


{Flips over to a picture of Strong Bad sitting at the Tandy 400 with the logo for Strong Bad Email above, written in the Tandy's default text}


{Flips over to a record/CD cover of Limozeen's "Feed The Childrens"}


{Flips back to picture of Strong Bad sitting at the Tandy with the logo for Strong Bad Email above, written in the Tandy's default text}


{The selected email plays.}
"Uh-oh! Face print!"

{After the email has played, the screen cuts back to the "Cover Flow". Strong Bad stands up in front of the album covers, which become more shadowed}

STRONG BAD: Uh-oh! Face print!

{Strong Bad presses his face against the screen, leaving a smudge when he pulls his face off. Strong Bad gives a disgusted groan when he looks at it}

STRONG BAD: Uhgh. You're gonna need one of those little... shimmy cloths.

{Strong Bad leaves screen from the right and everything but the smudge fades to black}

[edit] Episodes

Only the latest podcast, email thunder, is currently hosted on the site.

Title Size Release Date Description
Email Thunder 16.6 MB December 18, 2008 Strong Bad finds out Homestar has his own email show and is trying to steal his email thunder.
Being Mean 10.1 MB November 20, 2008 Strong Bad tries to give Nice Dad advice on not being mean.
Magic Trick 10.3 MB November 13, 2008 Strong Bad describes the various kinds of magic.
Your Edge 9.2 MB November 6, 2008 Strong Bad tries to prove he's not losing his edge.
Hiding 9.8 MB September 18, 2008 Strong Bad discusses the fun and usefulness of playing Hide n' Seek.
Love Poems 11.1 MB September 11, 2008 Dr. Marvin Rubdown gives some advice on writing love poems.
Specially Marked 10.3 MB September 4, 2008 Strong Bad gives specially marked boxes of cereal a piece of his mind.
Rated 10.6 MB August 28, 2008 Strong Bad breaks down the subtle differences between R-rated, double R-rated, and triple R-rated movies.
Shapeshifter 10.6 MB August 22, 2008 Strong Bad explains why shapeshifting is overrated.
Buried 9.63 MB August 14, 2008 Strong Bad and The Cheat try to discover what ruins are buried under Strong Badia.
Licensed 12.5 MB August 7, 2008 Find out how to become an officially licensed unlicensed seller of Strong Bad knock-offs.
Pet Show 11.5 MB July 31, 2008 Strong Bad and The Cheat compete for another Best in Sheen award at the Cat Mess Inbredtational Pet Show.
Fan Club 9.31 MB July 24, 2008 Strong Bad realizes fan clubs and fan fiction aren't be so bad after all.
Winter Pool 10.9 MB July 17, 2008 Strong Bad shows the fun and dangers of filling a pool with Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance.
Environment 11.9 MB July 10, 2008 Strong Bad describes his green methods for helping the environment.
Nightlife 14.3 MB July 3, 2008 Strong Bad describes a night out at Club Technochocolate.
Diorama 8.71 MB June 26, 2008 Strong Bad describes some tried and true methods for creating a "Middle School Appropriate" diorama.
Yes, Wrestling 14.2 MB June 19, 2008 Strong Bad discusses the various costumes and gimmicks from his wrestling days.
Business Trip 9.39 MB May 22, 2008 Strong Bad shows off how he rolls on a business trip with Homestar.
Web Comics 9.1 MB May 15, 2008 Strong Bad gives suggestions for making a web comic.
Slumber Party 11.5 MB May 8, 2008 Strong Bad gives some advice for attending a slumber party.
Pizza Joint 9.2 MB May 1, 2008 Strong Bad opens a pizza joint to score some chicks.
Bike Thief 10.8 MB April 24, 2008 Strong Bad teaches a college kid how to avoid getting their bike stolen.
Original 9.87 MB April 17, 2008 Strong Bad discusses Original Bubs.
Hygiene 13.7 MB April 3, 2008 Strong Bad and Embarrassing Educational Films present a movie on hygiene for some 5th grader.
Concert 11.2 MB March 27, 2008 Strong Bad discusses how Sloshy became one his favorite and then least favorite bands.
Mini-Golf 13.5 MB March 20, 2008 Strong Bad aims for par at the Sweet Puttin' Cakes mini-golf course.
The Paper 9.73 MB March 13, 2008 Strong Bad looks back at fond memories of The Paper as he bids farewell to his old pal.
More Armies 11.7 MB March 6, 2008 Strong Bad takes us on a tour of his Vaguely Military Career Fair.
Underlings 9.03 MB February 28, 2008 Strong Bad describes how to deal with awkward social situations.
Rough Copy 10.6 MB February 21, 2008 Strong Bad tries to sue some kid for making a comic out of him and The Cheat.
From Work 8.77 MB February 14, 2008 Strong Bad tries to check his email from work.
Your Funeral 9.86 MB February 7, 2008 Strong Bad details his off the hook funeral plans.
The Movies 12.5 MB January 31, 2008 Strong Bad rants about why he hates fellow moviegoers.
Unnatural 11.8 MB January 24, 2008 Find out how Free Country USA copes with the most unnatural of disasters.
Strong Badathlon 11 MB January 17, 2008 Strong Bad makes up his own olympics to answer some moron.
Looking Old 11.9 MB January 10, 2008 Strong Bad tries to prove to the young people that he can still eat his yogurt through a tube.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • The podcast is no longer available on the iTunes Store.
  • The Paper and New Paper read "The End" instead of "Click here to email Strong Bad".

[edit] Remarks

  • None of the clickable Easter eggs from the original versions of the emails are present.
  • The menu displays an iPod Touch.
  • Until email thunder, the preview images used to advertise the 2008 series of podcasts have been exactly the same as their corresponding pages on the Homestar Runner Wiki. The preview image used for email thunder's podcast was originally on the email's article, but was later replaced.
  • In the 2008 ending, "shimmy cloth" is a mispronunciation of chamois (pronounced "sham-WAH"), the common name for soft leather used for polishing glass and other reflective surfaces.
  • When asked about the possibility of Podstar Runner returning on @StrongBadActual, Strong Bad replied, "I been dumpin em's on YouTube. They're not all up there yet."

[edit] Goofs

  • Podstar Runner's link for looking old's podcast linked to a non-existent page. The working link to the podcast could only have been found on the RSS feed.
  • The podcast versions of several emails introduce goofs that are not in their web versions:
    • "Click Here to Email Strong Bad strongbad@homestarrunner.com" is usually edited to "The End"; unaltered text can be seen in the paper (the Goth The Paper) and email thunder (both New Paper and The Paper).
      • The text of the first New Paper to appear in web comics reads "The End", breaking the punchline that Strong Bad Emails are an ironic example of the "cop-out" that Strong Bad is criticizing.
    • bike thief — The Easter egg of the Lappy slowly moving to the right starts automatically; however, it does not show Homestar Runner stealing it.
    • nightlife — The Club Technochocolate flyer does not appear after Strong Bad's "Pwawty Cloughb" line.
    • fan clubSenor Cardgage's lines play against the visual of Homsar's scene, and the audio for the following scenes of Strong Sad speaking and Strong Bad at his computer play out of sync with the animation. After Strong Bad says, "the next worst word you can couple with the word 'fan' is, you guessed it, the word 'fiction'", the DVD title card for the email and a portion of the Intro play, before the "Grade A Gray Day" scene appears and the email resumes as normal.
    • licensed — Homestar's line "That junk was still my best birthdays ever" is omitted.
    • buried — The "Dry" in "Cold Ones Dry" is typeset using a generic font.
  • From September 18 to November 5, 2008, the Podstar Runner page featured the download link, synopsis, and picture for hiding, but the title read "Love Poems".

[edit] Fixed Goofs

  • The day the Podcast version of specially marked was released, the RSS feed updating the Sbemail Podcasts in iTunes was disabled. The feed was reactivated on or before September 10, 2008.

[edit] Glitches

  • On certain browsers, the links in the NavBar did not work from the Podstar Runner menu.

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iTunes 4.9 or later; Quicktime 6.0 or later; or VLC media player can be used to view M4V video files.

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