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[edit] AOL Instant Message Layouts

Trogdor Layout

[edit] Geometry Dash

A cube based on Strong Bad's head can be found in the texture pack Supernova by RetroAdvance64.

[edit] Grand Theft Auto Vice City

You can download a Homestar player model for GTA Vice City here. This mod was created by Futurama_Freak1 and TripleAs.

[edit] Team Fortress 2

Several skins based on Homestar Runner for TF2 are available on (formerly These include Marzipan's Guitar, Cold and Not So Cold Ones, Coldson Lite, The Pizz Hat, and Homsar's Hat. All of these (with the exception of Homsar's Hat) are made by user Akuago.

[edit] Unreal Tournament 2003/2004

You can download a Homestar skin for UT2003/2004 here. Despite the fact that it's listed for UT2003, it works correctly with the vehicles in UT2004. No team skins though.

[edit] Winamp Skins

There are several Homestar-themed skins available at, including: "Strong Bad Email", "Tandy Amp", "Lappy 486", "The Cheats iMac", and "teen girl squad" all by LuigiHann, "homestarrunner" by Ken Snyder, and "Extravagant Amp - Homestar's Party" by FlatMatt.

Also, the playlist used in the screenshot for LuigiHann's "Mario 3mix" seems to be playing the Strong Bad Sings CD, and the screenshot for "Adventure" also references Strong Bad.

[edit] Minecraft Skins

There are several Homestar Runner-themed skins found on Planet Minecraft.

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