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[edit] 102.3 The Mountain

  • In mid-July, 2005, The Mountain, a classic rock radio station in northeastern Pennsylvania, featured a short sound bite from radio.
  • Again, in February, 2006, a snippet of radio was played, containing the lines about the "hour of chanting" and "dead air."

[edit] Star 98.5

  • A sound clip from radio was heard consistently through summer 2006 on Star 98.5(Idaho), containing "Don't you touch that BLABBITABLOUGH!" "...Blabbitablough?" "Don't you ever make me do that again!"

[edit] CD 101

CD 101 (101.1 FM Columbus, OH) has clips from the email radio in some of the bumps they use before playing songs.

[edit] KJHK

KJHK (90.7 FM Lawrence, KS) uses clips from techno and dragon in their bumps.

[edit] NPR

NPR's Talk Of The Nation program on March 9, 2004 discussed Internet animation and featured prominent mention of Homestar Runner as "the reigning king of animated sites" and "the closest thing the Web has now to an episodic hit show". It featured kind of cool, as well as the email different town. Audio at NPR's website.

NPR's All Things Considered program on May 8, 2005 discussed the H*R site, described some of the characters, and featured a short interview with The Brothers Chaps. Audio at NPR's website.

[edit] WHRY Oldies 102.9

When the radio talks about its website, the phrase "Welcome to the greatest website" in a Homestar voice appears.

[edit] Podtacular Halo 2 Podcast

The co-host "spelchek" does some Homestar and Strong Bad impressions during show 11.

[edit] Q98

On Q98- 98.7 FM (a radio station in Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN), the DJ, Stash, told listeners to visit the radio's website ", it's dot com." This is a reference to the First Time Here? cartoon, in which Homestar says, "Welcome to ... It's dot com!" They also played a sound clip from Strong Bad's character video, where Strong Bad says, "Ladies, form a line to my left for makeouts! Dudes, form a line to my right for high fives!"

[edit] Radio U

Radio U (88.7 FM in Columbus, OH) has interviewed Strong Bad and the Brothers Chaps on two occasions, accessible at the bottom of this page.

[edit] The Rock

There was a quote from Strong Bad's character video on a La Crosse, Wisconsin radio station called "95.7 The Rock." It goes from the part where Strong Bad says, "Ladies, form a line to my left for makeouts! Dudes, form a line to my right for high-fives," and stops at the part at which Homestar says, "Well, I was going to get a high-five, but I see that I'm already here."

  • It seems that The Rock are frequent users of Homestar Runner quotes, around once a week or so you can hear one pop up.

[edit] The Ron and Fez Show

Ron Bennington and Fez Whatley of XM Satellite Radio have stated publicly that they are huge fans of They end each of their shows with an audio drop from the facts of Homestar Runner saying "And that's the end of my show, donk." On another occasion, when discussing crying at the movies, they discussed crying. Ron Bennington said that seeing Li'l Brudder made him cry and repeatedly said "He's got the heart of a champion."

[edit] WBRU

When 95.5 WBRU FM out of Providence does their sports update, the quote "Get yer head in the game, The Chort," from mascot, is played. Also, part of techno is in one of the bumps they use before playing songs.

[edit] KUPS: The Sound

In one of their transitions between programming, the DJ said "You're listening to college radio, which means you probably just heard an hour of chanting" which is a reference to the email radio.

[edit] Y-Rock on WXPN 88.5

On January 30, 2008, They Might Be Giants "took over" Y-Rock on WXPN 88.5 as DJs, and featured An Important Rap Song.

[edit] 91.5 College Radio

Homestar Runner is occasionally heard announcing the name of the station, which is based out of Rollins College.

[edit] WKQX 101.1 - Q101

One of Q101's radio personalities, Sherman, used to end his show with the last line from SBEmail 114 the facts when Homestar Runner says in his singsong voice, "aaaand that's the end of my show! DONK!"

[edit] WCSX 94.7

One of the bumps used ends with Strong Bad saying "Now that's what I'm talking about"

[edit] Tim Brando

Since 2003, Sporting News Radio talk show host Tim Brando has used the "The World in Crisis" quote from local news to introduce the "BCS WORLD IN CRISIS" segment of his program.

[edit] WAPL

105.7 WAPL, a radio station in Wisconsin, has a snippet of Homestar saying "It's dot com" in a promo for the station's website.

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