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[edit] 1001 Fonts

A free handwriting typeface available on the website, Halley Script Thin NBP, contains dingbats of Homestar and Strong Bad. They occupy U+00C7 (Ç) and U+00E7 (ç), respectively.

[edit] 505 Unbelievably Stupid Web Pages

On page 125 of this book, "Strong Bad E-Mail" is listed as link number 256. The writer claims "...the answers to these questions require as much thought as you'd expect from a baboon."

[edit] Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, Texas, in lieu of more traditional "Please turn off your cellphones and pagers" messages, occasionally shows Homestar Runner clips, among other strange clips. One such clip is from the movies and shows Strong Bad detailing the many irritating things at the movie theater, including his frustration with "the kind of person that likes to talk to the movie".

[edit] All the Real Girls

Both Matt Chapman and Mike Chapman are credited in the 2003 movie, All the Real Girls (imdb), as Strong Bad and graphic designer respectively.

[edit] The Alphabet of Manliness

On page 141 of The Alphabet of Manliness (page 138 in the UK version), Maddox lists the Double Deuce as an effective way of showing frustration to bad drivers.

[edit] AnimeNEXT

At AnimeNEXT's "Save Tokyo Tower" game, one of the disasters that occurs is Trogdor burninating Tokyo Tower.

[edit] The BBS Documentary

In Part 1 - Baud one of the people interviewed reference to a new generation of old computers and say that they had "too much computer in them, and not enough typewriter"; a quote from weird dream.

[edit] Bedroom Scenes: A Rocky Horror Fan Film

In the scrapped ending of this short, available on its DVD release, a Kick The Cheat can be seen in Columbia's bed. (Behind-the-scenes photos posted on the film's Facebook fan page show this much more clearly, including a couple photos specifically showing Columbia with her Kick The Cheat.)

[edit] BigStuf Camp

The youth camp program "BigStuf" held in Panama City, FL every year was home to several Homestar Runner sightings: The violin player in the camp's band consistently wore various Homestar Runner shirts, and a Homestar Runner character was thanked on the last day of camp every year. In 2004, it was Homestar Runner. In 2005, it was Coach Z.

[edit] BotCon 2008

During the script reading Bee in the City, Bumblebee is at a drive-thru that, after he orders, proclaims the well-known Drive-Thru Whale line "Sever your leg please, it's the greatest day."

[edit] Brutalmoose

[edit] Bumblekast

In the September 9th 2022 episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog podcast Bumblekast, Sonic writer Ian Flynn jokes about what might happen if he wrote a crossover between Homestar Runner and Sonic the Hedgehog, including his voice impressions of several Homestar characters.

[edit] Camp Joy

In the year 2006, the revolving theme of the Boy Scouts summer camp Camp Joy was pirates, complete with antagonist Trogdor.

[edit] Celebration 3

Homestar on X-Wing

Before Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the official fan club held a convention in the Indiana Convention Center, where they showed cars modeled after several ships from the Star Wars universe. One of the X-Wing cars had a Homestar Runner cling sticker on it.

[edit] chipspeech

The promotional track AUTOMATION, showcasing a port of the Software Automatic Mouth, makes a reference to the original software voicing "a certain beefy-armed Burninator".

[edit] Come On, Fhqwhpods!

Come On, Fhqwhpods! - A Homestar Runner Podcast is a Homestar Runner fan podcast that began in May of 2020, hosted by Michael Hunter and David Spencer on the Pipedream Podcasts network. Episodes are typically released twice a week, each generally focusing on one Homestar Runner cartoon in release order. A recurring segment is "Hey Alexa, What Do You Think of This?" (frequently shortened to HAWDYTOT), in which they bring on Spencer's wife Alexa Cuizon, who had never seen a Homestar Runner cartoon in her life prior to the podcast (with a few exceptions, such as dragon).

The podcast has done several things significant to the Homestar Runner series:

[edit] The Completionist

In his review of Guitar Hero, Internet reviewer The Completionist gives the Trogdor theme as a premier song.

[edit] Crime Files: Four-Minute Forensic Mysteries: Body of Evidence

In the mystery "Gamer Over" found in the Jeremy Brown book "Crime Files: Four-minute Forensic Mysteries : Body of Evidence", the username of the victim is Trogdor139.

[edit] DaThings

In the YouTube Poop The FLOWOLF: Director's Cut, the hairstyles referred to as "flat tops, buzz cuts, flat cuts, buzz tops, and zuzz cuts" are each illustrated with Hairstyle Runner renderings. She would later go on to create a YouTube Poop of the series' Christmas specials, Hanky Friggin Decemberweenus.

[edit] Rooster Teeth Drunk Tank Podcast

  • During Podcast #32, the group is talking about old "no loitering" signs, and Geoff says he remembers signs saying "no loafing or loitering." Gus then starts asking if he was talking about Homestar Runner.
  • During Podcast #57, the group are talking of old Flash cartoons, and they mention Homestar Runner and how consistent the website would put out content

[edit] Empire

The bestselling book "Empire" by science fiction author Orson Scott Card contains a quote on the top of page 10 in which a university student says the familiar phrase, "My head a splode," in response to a main character's statements.

[edit] Extralife Radio Podcast

In the Extralife Radio podcast, episode number 104, the program begins by playing the audio of the Easter egg in the Peasant's Quest Preview.

[edit] Fact Hunt

In the print book inspired by the YouTube series of the same name the chapter "Games too big for their Britches", Homestar Runner RPG is featured as an example of a game that was too ambitious for the developer to handle.

[edit] Freestyle

In the graphic novel Freestyle by Gale Galligan, a kid is seen wearing a red shirt with a white star on it, as well as a blue cap with a white spinner on top at the Halloween dance.

[edit] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

In the outtakes of the official dub for the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the character Scar (played by J. Michael Tatum) shouts "YOUR FACE A SPLODE!" while grabbing onto the face of the series main antagonist, Father (played by Kent Williams).

[edit] Genius: The Transgression

In the section "Aesthetics" in Chapter 4: Special Rules and Systems, it's mentioned that a combination of the Black Plastic and Trash Praxis aesthetics has picked up the nickname "Crawling Rusty Meat", a reference to the Taranchula music video in the Strong Bad Email death metal.

[edit] Great Teacher Largo Panel, Otakon

At the GLT panel, during the question and answer session, someone asked how Largo "typed with boxing gloves on". Largo replied that he was not Strong Bad, but he does "rock out like Trogdor" and sometimes his computer gets "burninated".

[edit] Halo 2: Special Edition DVD

On the door of the recording room for the Halo internet machinima, Red vs Blue, there are stickers of Homestar and Strong Bad. Homestar was also shown briefly in a PSA for the same machinima.

[edit] iPod + iTunes for Windows and Mac

The help book iPod + iTunes for Windows and Mac includes an "add to my library" dialog box, and a file called "alright42nite.mp3" is highlighted. The file is available for download on the site.

[edit] Joss Whedon: Super Fan

Joss wearing a Strong Bad shirt

Joss Whedon, already known to be a Homestar Runner fan, quipped "Just the claps" after a group of Browncoats sang him Happy Birthday on June 23, 2005.

[edit] Kingdom Hearts 2 Strategy Guide

In the strategy guide for the Playstation 2 game "Kingdom Hearts II", on page 28 (the Aladdin Character page) there is a small blurb describing limits. The title says "Everybody To The Limit".

[edit] Lost energy drink

The words "The System is Down" can be located on the "Lost" energy drink, above the Supplement Facts.

[edit] Macromedia Flash 8 Conference

H*R in Flash Player 8

As part of the first showing of the unreleased at the time Macromedia Flash Player 8, a graphical demo was shown with various effects that will be available in the new player being applied to both graphics, text, animations and movies on the fly. Of all the animations on the web, the Macromedia developers decided to feature both Homestar Runner and an animated The Homestar Runner, showing the new effects being applied to their forms.

This was the first use of Homestar Runner by Macromedia, the later being the short, Where the Crap Are We?, which appeared as an Easter egg in the about dialog of Macromedia Central.

[edit] Meet Me in Venice

The main character is called Precious "Preshy" Rafferty, a likely reference to Preshy and Rafferty.

[edit] Movies in Fifteen Minutes

In the book Movies in Fifteen Minutes by Cleolinda Jones, she makes several brief references to Strong Bad in her versions of popular movies.

[edit] The Muppets

In The Muppets' official YouTube channel, one of their shorts feature Beaker singing Dust in The Wind, while being bothered by "YouTube annotations". One of them says "BURNINATION!!".

[edit] Nature Calls

In the 2012 Johnny Knoxville film, a monitor in the background at one point displays the Secret Collect character as shown in web comic.

[edit] The Official Dictionary of Unofficial English

This dictionary has an entry for asplode that says "the term was popularized in 2004 by the character Strong Bad on the Homestar Runner web site homestarrunner.com". An excerpt of this book showing this entry can be found on Amazon.com.

[edit] Official Rock-Paper-Scissors Strategy Guide

In a sample tournament bracket in this book on page 163, one of the players is Trogdor.

[edit] Paul and Storm Talk About Some Stuff For Five to Ten Minutes (On Average)

[edit] Phantom Strider

In his episode "The Failed/Hated Modern Kids Cartoons", PhantomStrider uses "not good enough F--" from for kids

[edit] The Picture of Everything 2

In this work in progress among the characters in this scene are Strong Bad and Homestar Runner. Strong Bad is to the left of the Enterprise bridge, slightly right of center image. Homestar is below the right side of the Rolling Stone magazine cover, in the bottom left.

[edit] The Prosh

In the 2008 edition of this annual Western Australian satirical publication, there is an image of Trogdor on an advertisement for a dragon-slayer on the back page. In small text on the bottom, there is a message as follows- "Sorry. Trogdor will burninate your ****. Don't even bother."

[edit] PeanutButterGamer

  • During the intro to Top 8 Zelda Dungeons, PBG calls the santa hat (which mentions how he was late in finishing his video) a Santam'n hat.
  • On the episode "These 2018 McDonalds Mario Toys are ACTUALLY Upsetting" of his Peebs channel, PBG is shown having a Trogdor sticker on his computer.

[edit] Pumpkin!

Around Halloween 2004, at "The Old Spaghetti Factory" restaurant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (a fairly large chain, and a higher class restaurant), they had a large collection of carved pumpkins all over the place, and one prominently placed pumpkin near the entrance had an excellently carved likeness of Homestar in it.

[edit] Rabbit and Mouse

The links page of the Rabbit and Mouse website mentions homestarrunner.com. The description reads, "We're almost positive these guys do this sober".

[edit] Regular Car Reviews

During Mr. Regular's review of the 1993 Toyota Camry Wagon LE V6, he shouts out to long pants at around 4 minutes in.

[edit] Rialto Theatre

During the introduction to the weekly showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Rialto Theatre in Raleigh, North Carolina, a projector is frequently used to make The Cheat and Trogdor run across the screen.

[edit] Scott Manley

At the end of a video discussing the history of the Soviet/Russian R7 rocket, Manley criticizes the Soyuz 2.1V for its "heresy" of not including the trademark boosters of the rest of the R7 series, which on detachment from the rocket form a pattern known as "Korolev's cross." Scott concludes this by paraphrasing Strong Bad's Property of Ones: "As a great man once said, 'A Soyuz launch without a Korolev cross is scarcely a Soyuz at all.'"

[edit] Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++

In the Acknowledgments section, they thank Strong Bad for teaching them how to type up a book while wearing boxing gloves.

[edit] Shadowrun: Fourth Edition

Shadowrun is a pen-and-paper RPG that combines elements of cyberpunk and fantasy. On page 87 (of the second printing), when discussing designing a character, it says (emphasis ours):

Write down some quotes your character might say. Three or four should be good. Fiction is filled with characters that can be captured in a quote—everything from "Do you feel lucky, punk?" to "Double Deuce!"—capture our imaginations and give us something to hook a character on.

[edit] Spaceshipper

A couple of college students have created a game based on Spaceshipper, one of the unplayble video games by Videlectrix. The game can be found here.

[edit] Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America

The paragraph about Mario Paint mentions how it was used to create the first Homestar Runner cartoon. However, it incorrectly calls Homestar Runner a web comic and states that the cartoon was created a decade after the release of Mario Paint.

[edit] Super Size Me

In the movie Super Size Me, there are a group of kids at the computer watching an old Tandy era Strong Bad Email.

[edit] Switchfoot Podcast Episode 17

In episode 17 of the offical Switchfoot Podcast, bassist Tim Foreman is seen playing Trogdor on Guitar Hero II for most of the episode.

[edit] The Toronto Star

In the May 13, 2008 edition of the Toronto Star, both in print and online, there was an article in the entertainment section about WiiWare. Although the article itself made no reference, the picture is a screen shot of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People.

[edit] Trek Nation

In this film about Gene Roddenberry, Wil Wheaton is shown in a picture wearing a Strong Bad T-Shirt.

[edit] Twitter

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[edit] Untraceable

In one scene in the movie Untraceable a person in a chatroom has Cheerleader from Teen Girl Squad as an avatar.

[edit] Video Game Championship Wrestling

This Twitch stream, featuring WWE 2k14 CPU-vs-CPU matches between a wide range of video game characters, includes Strong Bad as one of its recurring wrestlers. Handle My Style plays during his intro.

[edit] Video Game of the Year

The Super Meat Boy chapter of Video Game of the Year starts with a history of Flash, mentioning that Homestar Runner "defined an entire generation of online humor".

[edit] WaTiki Waterpark

The WaTiki Indoor Waterpark in Rapid City, South Dakota had, as a transition on their electronic billboard, Homestar Runner running across the board.

[edit] The Whisky Exchange

The Whisky Exchange is offering an aperitif known as "Melonade Melon" [1]

[edit] Wil Wheaton's "Just a Geek"

In the introduction to Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek, Wil mentions a conversation with his wife that covered whether or not to bring his Trogdor shirt to a book signing. He has been known to talk about Homestar in other such personal encounters and on his Twitter feed.

[edit] Wordplay

In the documentary Wordplay, Tyler Hinman is seen wearing a Trogdor shirt. In fact, Hinman has worn the shirt during the final round of each of the four American Crossword Puzzle Tournaments he has won. He can be seen wearing the shirt in the last image of this article about his 2008 win.

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