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[edit] Amphibia

A drawing of a Trogdor-like dragon appears in the episode "Toad to Redemption".

[edit] Big City Greens

In the episode "Paint Misbehavin'," Tilly Green prepares Bill Green a cup of skim milk and gummi bears. Later in the episode, a rendering of Trogdor is seen in an art gallery.
Suudsu and Trogdor as Seen on Big City Greens.

[edit] Clarence

One episode of Season 3 is called "Valentimes", à la Teen Girl Squad Issue 12.

[edit] Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

This should be self explanatory.
  • During the episode "Bloo's Brothers", a Bloo clone that looks very similar to Homestar Runner appears very briefly. This version reappears in the "Bloo's Brothers" mini-game in the flash game, "Big Fat Awesome House Party".
  • The ending of the episode "A Sight For Sore Eyes" is very similar to Old Intro 2.
  • In "Duchess of Wails", there is an orange imaginary friend that looks like Trogdor.
  • In "Infernal Slumber", both Bloo and Goo talk about "killer Pooooooosssssssumssss", dragging the word out much like in Teen Girl Squad Issue 3 (Goo pronounces it exactly like Strong Bad).
  • In "Squeakerboxxx", one of the prizes is a clock that looks exactly like Strong Bad's, complete with 12:00 as the time.
  • In the episode "Land of the Flea", Frankie apologizes to Eduardo and says, "We're sorry, for reals this time." Also, in that same episode, one of Eduardo's fleas holds up a newspaper and says "Eggs tree, eggs tree", much like that of Homsar in Happy Hallow-Day.

[edit] Megas XLR

In the episode "Breakout", Coop tries to use an attack called Double Deuce by jumping and putting two fists in front of him.

[edit] The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The scene in the in-universe movie "Dog Cop" where the titular dog cop is driving in a model car has been stated by the director to pay homage to Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack.

[edit] My Gym Partner's a Monkey

  • At one point in the episode "Making the Grade", Jake Spidermonkey says Homsar's line from Where's The Cheat?: "I just lost my Jengajam."

[edit] The Proud Family

  • In the episode "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly", the character Wizard Kelly presses the Delete key on his laptop, and the screen flashes "DELETED" in the Tandy 400's font (albeit with red text).

[edit] Robot Chicken

  • An episode of the show's ninth season involves a sketch of a SWAT team killing off the residents of Free Country, USA for the characters being an "illegal embargo" for 20 years. Upon arrival, Strong Bad kicks The Cheat for safety (fate unknown), The King of Town shoots himself, and Strong Mad charges towards the soldiers but gets shot down. Homestar runs off and prepares, but gets shot upon running away, and Frank Bennedetto also gets shot. At an interrogation office, Homestar is bandaged and Strong Bad is handcuffed. Homestar is allowed to roam free because he's white, but Strong Bad stays at the SWAT prison due to being a Mexican wrestler. Homsar ends the sketch by saying, "DaaAAAaaaAAA! Make America great again!"

[edit] Smiling Friends

In "Gwimbly: Definitive Remastered Enhanced Extended Edition DX 4K (Anniversary Director's Cut)", there is a character named "Troglor", a reference to Trogdor.

[edit] South Park

In the episode "Skank Hunt", a girl gives a boy a breakup note stating "It's OVER!" in a manner similar to Teen Girl Squad.

[edit] Star vs. The Forces of Evil

In the season 2 episode Spider With a Top Hat, the aforementioned spider summons several 6-packs of Cold Ones. The packaging is different from the classic look, but the name is the same.

[edit] Unikitty!

The episode "Film Fest" caps off Unikitty and Puppycorn's film with the words "It's over!" drawn on loose leaf lined paper, in reference to the Teen Girl Squad ending.

[edit] WALL-E

In the featurette "WALL-E and Eve", when it cuts to Austin Lee, a The Cheat can be seen in the background (to the right of his head).

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