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[edit] 1019

Halfway through the review of the game Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Homestar is quoted "No, I'm sorry. The correct answer... was email.", an obvious reference to Main Page 19.

[edit] 2p Start

[edit] 3rd Party Fantasy

  • In comic 120, Master Mayer makes reference to Trogdor when he shouts "By Trogdor's Second Arm" [sic].

[edit] 8-bit Theater

[edit] Accidental Centaurs

  • In a crossover with The Wotch on March 26, 2005, The Wotch's Robin (transformed into a dragon) shouts "BURNINATE!!" as he breathes fire at some winged monkeys. [1]
  • In a comic dated Wednesday, August 24, 2005, Lenny borrows a line from Senor Cardgage. [2]

[edit] Akano's Comics

  • The "Game Show" series has a slight resemblance to The Show.
  • In Comic 13, the line "What part of meet him at the stick were we wrong about?" is a reference to Where's the Cheat?.
  • The format of Comic 20 is similar to Strong Bad Email.
  • Comic 27's last frame is similar to "I really got, I really gotta pee" from extra plug.
  • In Comic 35, Trogdor is mentioned.
  • In Comic 44, Akano's crying is similar to Homestar's crying over Li'l Brudder, and Tendafoot is mentioned.
  • Comic 65 is "When Bionicle and Homestar Runner Collide."
  • Comic 67 references Strong Bad Email.
  • Comic 71 has a similar "Pardon Our Problems" screen as the Fall Float Parade.
  • There are several instances of -'d.

[edit] Alex's School Type Comics

  • In Issue 36, James (one of the main characters) is "PENCIL'D!" after having a rant. Likewise, Mr. Rodwell (a teacher) is "MR. T'D!" in Issue 51. The character Megaba is also created when several Mokuba clones are "FUSE'D!" in Issue 98.
  • Trogdor makes an explicit appearance in Issue 63, where he Burninates Jonothan Thirkle (a minor character). Trogdor also makes a cameo appearance in the 100th Issue Afterparty.
  • In Issue 69, Nicole says "I'll take it! I'll take twelve!" in a similar manner to that of Homestar in looking old. She also makes another mention of "I'll take twelve" in Issue 85.
  • The characters take a break from their road trip at Blubb-o's in Issue 75.
  • Alex and Tom reference That a Ghost in Issue 29 when they say "Let's split up" and "We can do more damage that way" (itself a reference to Ghostbusters).

[edit] Also, Bagels

  • Several instances of 'd! appear across the website.

[edit] AmazingSuperPowers

  • The randomly selected animation of Godslug on the site's banner sometimes becomes a white slug dressed as Homestar, as well as numerous other pop-culture references.
  • In the August 7th, 2008 issue, the scientist's time machine is set for 20X6.

[edit] Aminal Crossing

  • In the 16th comic, "Were taking this baby to the mooooon!" is a reference to Strong Bad Email personal favorites.
  • Also, in Episode 22, the main character gets MONKEY SLAM'D!! an unmistakable TGS reference.

[edit] Asperchu

Notice The following website is outside of www.hrwiki.org and contains crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.

[edit] Awful Hospital

At one point in this comic, the character Everton Morteus Balmer gets DOLPHIN'D.

[edit] Awfully Generic

Comic #39 is entitled "Class, please welcome our new student. She's from Foreign Lands."

[edit] Badly Drawn Kitties

  • In the May 28, 2003 strip, Lucy dresses as Marzipan in one panel during a makeover. The artist then credits the Brothers Chaps as artists who hate him now.
  • In the October 29, 2003 strip, Dirk dresses up as Homestar Runner.

[edit] Bee Power

  • In the August 22, 2003 strip, a character in the likeness of Homestar named "Mr. Runner" suggests a ridiculous ad campaign with muffins and toast to a car insurance company and is promptly "shown the window".
  • In the September 10, 2003 strip, Homestar pops out of the characters pants and says "A jorb well done".
  • In the April 3, 2004 strip, Strong Bad's head is shown, with nearby text saying "oh noe its stwong bah!"

[edit] Breakpoint City

  • Homestar Runner is waiting in line in the July 20, 2002 strip.
  • Bronco Trolleys are referenced in the August 14th, 2002 strip.
  • Trogdor also appears on a sign "Live with Regis and Trogdor" in a later strip. [3]
  • A Homestar star t-shirt is being used by one character in the June 30, 2003 strip.
  • A Homestar action figure (or something) is seen behind the TV Ben is watching in the July 19, 2003 strip.

[edit] Brooks TV

  • Homestar can be seen in the bottom left panel in this comic. Also in that panel, it says "fall'd off!", a reference to Teen Girl Squad.
  • The main character, Brooks, kills Strong Bad by order of Homestar in a comic which can be seen here.
  • In this comic, Brooks mentions Butt IQ when answering fan mail.

[edit] Bruno the Bandit

In the third panel of this comic, one character mentions Strong Badia.

[edit] Captain SNES

In the comic for March 21st, 2004, Mother Brain asks King Hippo how he can type with boxing gloves on his hands.

[edit] Cartridge Comics

  • In the comic entitled "Writing Back", William the monkey is asked how do you type with boxing gloves on, and mistakes Strong Bad for Nacho Libre.
  • In the comic entitled "Star Power", Jerry is apparently playing Trogdor badly on Guitar Hero II.

[edit] Chainsawsuit

In the comic for April 29, 2009, Homestar is shown along with Strong Bad.

[edit] Chaos Diamonds 3

-At the bottom of each page it says: "By reading this you promise your soul and first child to me. All babies not ripe and plump are subject to burnination under the trogtor [sic] act of 2003."

-On page 283, one of the teams possible costumes is of Strong Bad.

[edit] Clearwater Clan

The comic for June 24th, 2005 shows the cast drawn as stick figures. One of them comes out looking like Trogdor.

[edit] Comic Shorts

Issue 1 of Dragon Master's comics features DM checking his email while singing to himself like Strong Bad.
In Issue 17, Label Buddy (the idiot who is killed quite often) is kicked in the face with the caption "KICKEDED!" in the following panel.
In Issue 33, Label Buddy chokes on a speck of dirt and gets "HEIMLICH MANEUVER'D!"
In Issue 34, he is "SHOTGUNNED!"
Label Buddy faints with the caption, "FAINTED!" and is run over Halo style with the caption "SPLATTERED!" in Issue 40
Lekonua the intelligent robot gets "SHURIKENED!" in Issue 42.
This Comic of Leko's is titled "Hit Strong Bad First" and the Brothers Chaps are number one on the hit list.
One of the advertisement banners shows Label Buddy asking for his lines like Homestar does in First Time Here?
In Episode 20 of Leko's Sprite Comic, one of the "dramatic questions" asks how Strong Bad types with boxing gloves, and Human Leko mentions the HR Wiki just after it.

[edit] Coming Up Violet

[edit] Commander Kitty

A panel of Commander Kitty features the character Mittens wearing a Strong Bad mask. (You will have to use the "next" button a number of times before finding the Strong Bad image.)

[edit] Dark709's Comics (on BZpower)

  • In fan comic 18, Mr. Zimmwad gives Strong Bad's motivational speech about piemonade.
  • Later in the same comic, Bob is standing on a box labeled "12 of 'em" much like the soapbox once was.

[edit] Daily Routine

Comic #40 on Week 6 has a reference from the Strong Bad Email fingers. The character, Hardhat is wearing the same arms as Homestar Runner wears in the said email. There's even a link to the email at the bottom of the comic for those who have never heard of Homestar Runner.

[edit] DAMN

Issue #4 - sonicstarrunner.com. Sonic the Hedgehog characters on a Homestar Runner Main Page, which also makes a joke out of rapidly flicking the cursor over the buttons, causing multiple effects to occur on the screen. sonicstarrunner.com is a page with search links and no website.

Issue #5 is almost exactly like a Strong Bad Email, but with Shadow the Hedgehog answering the emails complete with the Lappy 486.

[edit] Dark Legacy Comics

In the weekly comic, one of the main characters tries to put in the name fhqwhgads for the player.

[edit] Dave Kelly Central

In the second comic, Strong Bad shows up to mock the size of Dave Kelly's ego.

[edit] The Death & Return of Colossus

This is a one-shot parody of the X-Men comics, drawn in stick-figure style. The second panel of the first page has Lockheed drawn to look like Trogdor.

[edit] DMFA

Trogdor can be seen in the first panel of this comic.

[edit] Dominic Deegan

In the September 23,2002 comic, Strong Bad makes a cameo appearance as one of Dominic's customers in the last panel.

In the blog post regarding the June 21, 2008 comic, the Trogdor song is quoted in reference to the appearance of a dragon in the comic.

[edit] Devstyle

Rude is making fun of the Compy 386.
In Comic 91 Rude bumps in to Trogdor.

[edit] Droop

  • This issue of "Droop" features Homestar Runner popping up with the phrase "A Jorb Well Done".
  • This issue of "Droop" features a character named "Mr. Runner", who has a similar underbite and general shape to Homestar, as well as a similar general lack of intelligence.

[edit] Digital Purgatory

In episode 19, "Dude, Shut the Hell Up", of "Digital Purgatory", in the third and fourth panels, Trogdor appears on a whiteboard in the background.

[edit] Dinosaur Comics

[edit] Doc's Machine

On 2003-10-31, Doc's Halloween comic showed Pom-Pom in the bottom frame. Here.

[edit] DrunkDuck Poop

In strip 47, a line from web comics is used, and the Heavy Lourde from homsar appears. In strip 78, Shadow is Gun'd, and in strip 140, Vegeta says a line from The Ugly One in Teen Girl Squad Issue 12.

[edit] Dueling Analogs

The October 31, 2006 comic (entitled "Thatched-roof cottages!!!") features Strong Bad and Homestar discussing the inclusion of Trogdor in the game Guitar Hero II. The news post below the comic mentions the Homestar Runner Wiki.

[edit] El Goonish Shive

Popular webcomic El Goonish Shive has made multiple references to Homestar Runner, both in filler comics. In one, the comic's title "That Block-Thing is Gonna Give me Nightmares" references The Homestar Runner's similar line in Mr. Shmallow.

[edit] Evil Inc

The author of "Evil Inc" has said on the Bob and George forums that Satan being dressed up as Ichiro in comic #267 is a minor reference to Strong Bad dressing up as Homestar dressed up as Angus Young in Pumpkin Carve-nival.

[edit] ExtraLife

[edit] Blog

On this blog post, depicting of what appears to be a PhotoShopped Life cereal box, Scott says "Thanks to Darrel for the great jorb!"

    • gamerman, not recognizing the reference, asked if "you meant job", though kokoman points out the site, Scott replied: "gamerman: That depends on whether or not you have ever seen Strong Bad before, and know who Coach Z is."

[edit] Exterminatus Now

On November 10th, 2006, a [4] of a flying, fire-breathing Trogdor was put up.

[edit] Faulty Logic

On the July 14, 2007 comic, in the very last panel, a figure resembling Cheerleader appears, saying "Oh Mop Man! Let me pleasure you!" Below it also appear the words, "It's over! (Please don't sue)".

[edit] F@NB0Y$

The artist, Scott DeWitt, is a Homestar Runner fan. One of the main characters, Lemmy, has it on his iPod, Sylvia's friend Kirstin has Strong Bad on her bag, and there was a reference to Teen Girl Squad in his drawing tutorial prior to the tutorial's removal. Also, after F@NBOY$ won the Joystiq Wrap-up, and the cast thinks they're internet celebrities, Strong Bad is among those laughing at them.

After it was announced that Trogdor will be in Guitar Hero II, a comic was made in which the gang plays air guitar and air bass.

A comic called The Homestarmy was made after it was found out about the wiki and his entry in the sightings. Strong Bad then instructs The Cheat to take out Lemmy with a sniper rifle.

Types (now in stereo). Paul is thinking of more ideas for the comic. He gives up and throws away the notepad. All it has on it are pictures of So and So, Cheerleader, The Ugly One and What's Her Face, respectively.

The first panel of Intermission: Who Shot First? shows Chess painting miniatures of an unspecified tabletop game, one of them is Strong Bad.

In the comic called First Day on the Job Part 8 When the Xbox falls on Lemmy's head the boxes next to it are for Rhino Feeder and "Secret Collect 2", both have pictures of Strong Bad on the cover. There is also what appears to be a Homestar Runner keychain or pez dispenser in the last panel.

In the comic Popular Trends, in the final panel, which has a Muppet Babies parody, the blocks on the floor spell H*R, the abbreviation for Homestar Runner.

The title of the comic Meshing on the Trembolos is a reference to the blurb that appears while Trogdor (song) loads on Guitar Hero II: "For squeadlies, mash on the trembalo"

In another example of "-'d" words, when the cat, driving the Buick, leaps off the 3rd ramp, it does a barrel roll, and the panel says "BARREL ROLL'D"

The title of the comic All Up On's is a reference to the recurring phrase. The corresponding news snippet for this particular comic also has an example of "-'d" words (in this case, "cash'd").

Scott makes a reference to Strong Bad Email when he talks about getting "a zillion sbemails".

In Piece de Resistance, Paul is playing online and as he kills his enemies, they drop out of the game and one of them is named So and so.

The old F@nboy$ Mini #12 (no longer available) starts off with a description of Mario as such: He's short, dumpy, chubby, silly-looking and always has a smile on his face. He is an OK guy." The last sentence is a reference to flashback.

A guest comic done by webcomic Slackerz used the word "cash'd", an example of -'d words.

  • Cash'd was used again in Shady Deals when Paul bribes the grim reaper.

The first panel of the old F@nb0y$ Mini #20 has Homestar's face on the microphone.

On December 10, 2007, when Scott Dewitt posted a comic about his writer's block, an updated blog post was put up and the previous one (which was basically everything stated in the comic that day) was replaced with "Baleeted"

The image file name for one of the smilies on his forum, "Krudsome," (his name on the forums and his email address is "Krudman") is "Mah_face," a reference to the chair.

[edit] Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening

When Barret attacks Dyne with Ifrit, Red XIII points out that "Barret just burninated that peasant". Yuffie adds that it was "pretty metal". [5]

[edit] Final Stupidity

In the fourth comic, "Obligatory Pop Culture Reference," Dangeresque Too makes a small cameo on the last panel.
The fifth comic's title, "Burninated", is an obvious reference to Trogdor.
The seventh comic's title, "Got Witch's Brew?" is a reference to Homestar's obsession with witch's brew.

[edit] Dumm Comics

In the Halloween installment of "Frog Raccoon Strawberry", the superheroine Lemonade is dressed as a glass of Piemonade.

In ["Just Gauze"], Strawberry says of a new villain, "I don't know Green Shadow's whole deal, but he's certainly... Dangeresque."

[edit] GameCheetz

[edit] GameWads

The title of the comic is a reference to web comics.
The loading bars are also similar to the ones found in the Strong Bad Emails.

[edit] Get Blue Spheres

  • In the 36th issue of this Sprite Comic, Dr. Robotnik dresses up as Homestar Runner (Far Left), and Charmy Bee (Next To Robotnik) dresses up as Strong Bad.

[edit] Girly

  • In #217 of this comic, the racing game's game over screen says, "OH NOS YOU SPLODED!!", which may be a reference to StrongBadZone.

[edit] Hero

[edit] Heroes Inc.

In Comic 263 Samus and Kirby have a conversation involving random and unexplained DNA Evidence.

[edit] Hockey Zombie

In this episode The skull man is wearing a Red star shirt similar to homestar's

[edit] Holy Bibble

  • On the comic page of comic #93, Cannan mentions "Every time somebody gets burninated in Holy Bibble, I get the most awesome dreams..."

[edit] Housepets!

[edit] I'm Blue

In this comic, Blue Veers is seen with a The Cheat plushie, possibly a Kick The Cheat.

[edit] Impy and Aevy

  • In one comic, Aevy causes a computer's logic circuits to fail by loading Homestar Runner on it.

[edit] Jump Start

  • A comic strip of this on August 16th, 2006 made a reference to the Freakin' Duck. Someone drew a picture of a "ferocious fire-breathing dragon", but it was mistaken as a duck, by somebody else.

[edit] Kagerou

  • A very easily-missed reference, Kano begins to draw a picture, and talking to himself in a Strong Bad accent.

[edit] The Karnak Hates Everthing Show

Homestar Runner appeared and got (possibly joking) negative comments on Karnak's "Alienate the Readers Week".

[edit] Kerny Mantis Comics

  • In "47- Meet Pointyhead", one of the computers Kerny passes whilst shopping is the shotgunned Compy 386. Kerny remarks that he needs a computer "a little less slightly shotgunned."
  • In addition, the computer he ends up buying, the PC Plum, seen here, bears particular resemblance to the semi-repaired Tandy 400, with burn marks, tape and cracked screen, not to mention contrast buttons akin to those on the Tandy pre-explosion.

[edit] The Last Days of Foxhound

  • In "Comic #087", Gray Fox wears a Homestar shirt over his exoskeleton to attempt to 'blend in' with regular people.

[edit] Least I Could Do

  • The header joke for the March 31 2007 comic reads "Subject: SB_Email Menu"; the fourth panel of the same comic shows Rayne, the main character, typing on a computer in near-identical fashion to Strong Bad.

[edit] Level 30 Psychiatry

[edit] Life On Sedna

NOTE: Some of these links may not work.

[edit] Lil Formers

[edit] Mall Monkeys

Notice The following website is outside of www.hrwiki.org and contains crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.
  • The March 9, 2003, strip includes a Teen Girl Squad-style illustration of someone getting "snipered!!"
  • On June 28, 2003, in an effort to find what's funny, the comic decided to make a parody of Strong Bad Email with the comic's own characters.

[edit] Masters of the art

[edit] Mid-Shift

This strip is not available online, but if you purchase the book, and turn to page 19, you can see a Homestar Runner mainpage on the computer. Official website

[edit] MS Paint Adventures

  • On the Problem Sleuth adventure, when Problem Sleuth removes the fake wood paneling and there is a flask of whiskey under the desk, the selected command was "Get ye flask".
  • The now non-existent donations page had a beaker with "ye flask" on it.
    • A question on the page was "I think Homestar Runner is pretty cool, do you?" with the response "Yes I do," linking to Ye Flask on the Homestar Runner Wiki.

[edit] Muertitos

  • A filler comic on how to make your own comic strip suggests drawing copyrighted characters. The Cheat is among them.
  • During the Death/Hulamutt Action Hour storyline, the Anecdotist had figured the authorities would send the Green Lantern to battle him, and assembled a group of yellow characters to protect him. Among them is The Cheat.
  • When offered her job back, the "actress" who plays Youko declares that she is good enough to break into Flash and rub elbows with actresses like Marzipan. Well, maybe not Marzipan.
  • In this comic, Honeo discovers an attempt to fix a ski race, and announces "I've got to drop my grapes and stop that CHEAT!", an obvious nod to the Original Book.

[edit] Name Censored

  • In the second strip, which is actually the first, Elad wears his iconic Homestar Runner hat. Elad still owns that hat and wears it on several occasions.
  • In the last strip, there is an "EXTRA SECRET COMICS!". In the second panel, Homestar's head is shown on the wall.
  • Elad also made a picture of the Homestar Runner cast as South Park characters, but it was never published on the main site.

[edit] Natch Evil

  • In Comic#109 God mentions getting an email about how he types with boxing gloves on.
  • The Extra menu is rather reminiscent of the main pages, and it even says apologies to Homestar at the bottom.
  • In Comic#410 Cliff mentions Grumblecakes.

[edit] The Neopian Times

In three comics made by _lordofthefrogs_, the owner himself wears a duckie shirt (Comic #1), Homestar's star shirt (Comic #2), and in the 3rd comic a salesperson wears the same skirt as Marzipan (Comic #3). If you go to his lookup, it says that he is a dedicated fanatic of Homestar Runner, and his background is the Homestar Runner background with "Seriously" below him.

[edit] Nerf Now!!

  • In Poker Face Strong Bad along with the rest of the Poker Night at the Inventory cast play poker against a clueless Engie-tan.

[edit] Never Never

  • In a filler comic Homestar has a cameo acknowledged by the author as an "added bonus".

[edit] Ninja Verses

  • In one comic, Eh! Steve! is featured as a Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Ninja.
  • In another, the "Regular Ninja" parodies the Strong Bad Email element, including a "How do you type with boxing gloves"-type question. The animation ends with a single panel, like the normal comic: "Regular Ninja vs. Wrestleman Ninja"

[edit] Oh The Humanity

In the final panel of the January 7, 2004 strip, somebody says "A jorb well done"

[edit] Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy

During the Sentai Arc, the background music played during Lycidia's trip through boarding tunnel number 2 is The System is Down. The song is referenced again three more times through the arc here, here, and here.

During the Fantasy Arc which takes place in a MMORPG, the main characters get sucked down a whirlpool while bathing in a lake and ended up being transported to a text based game that references, among other text based games, Thy Dungeonman. It first appeared in #686 32 kilobytes of RAM and again in #687 Finding the right command.

[edit] One One Seven

In the 71st and 72nd guest strips of the Halo-based comic "One One Seven", Master Chief is shown sitting at a Compy 386. He even answers his own email! http://nikon.bungie.org/misc/stuntmutt.html?type=guest&image=guest71 http://nikon.bungie.org/misc/stuntmutt.html?type=guest&image=guest72

[edit] Otaku Revolution: The Strip

The October 31, 2009 strip was titled "The 2009 Otaku Revolution: The Strip Secondary and Obscure Homestar Runner Universe Characters Halloween Spectacular!" with the characters of the strip dressed up as the characters in question. The usual logo for OR:TS was replaced with a parody of the Homestarrunner.com logo, and the page title on the original site was "Sorry Homestar, but your Strong Bad is in another comic!" Previous strips included the character Rob saying "Clear the launchway, man. We're taking this baby to the moon!" and another strip featured a group sing-along of "The Cheat is Not Dead" as well as a character shouting "Hey, Rob! You're not Strong Bad!" Yet another strip had the character Dan (no, not one of those Dans) refer to himself as "Lord High Aweseomeparty, occasionally known as Dan".

[edit] Oxygen Deficient

The main characters send Strong Bad an email in Comic #3

[edit] Peter Is The Wolf

The external website linked here contains offensive language and/or content. content warning

[edit] Penny Arcade

In this strip, the mascot on the bag of marshmallows Gabe is eating in the third panel heavily resembles Marshie.

[edit] Phanto's World

"...Is that— is that six?"

[edit] Phil Likes Tacos

Homsar is among one of the characters to make a cameo in this strip.

Trogdor's theme song is mentioned in this strip.

Trogdor appears in a framed picture on the wall in the first panel of this strip.

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People for the Wii is being played and commented upon in this strip.

[edit] Platypuscomix.net

In the last panel of the "World of Nester" comic Super Mario Bros. 3, Nester blames "tight pants" for his loss. Homestar Runner responds, "Ooohhh! Tight paaaants!"

Coach Z appears in Mulberry #8-Jack the Ripper, during a parody of Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue!

During an extremely random collage of #2008 Character Strike: Week 1, "I'm sad that I'm a diaper" appears.

In Electric Wonderland Issue VI-The Search For Parker, there is a reference to Dangeresque, and even a mocking at the fact the comic will be referenced on this very page.

[edit] Pokémon Amethyst Version

In "Comic 3: Leaving Home in Anyway Possible", Barry says "...Well, looks like I'm gonna to have to jump!", à la Dangeresque.

In the description of "Merry Christmas (and other winter-time holidays)", Glitch references Decemberween.

[edit] Pokémon X

The author links to homestarrunner.com on his "links" page, calling it a "pretty cool site".

In the 2005 April Fool's special, the characters are "FOOLED!" by the Arrow'd Guy.

In the 2006 April Fool's special, drawn and written in a similar format, a moose get "PWNED!" by a Mewtwo, noted by, again, the Arrow'd Guy.

[edit] PrtSc Land

This comic is a crossover between many universes, one of which is the Homestar Runner universe. The comic even features Taryn.

[edit] PS238

In issue 14 of this comic series, the Teen Girl Squad appear as a child's drawing taped to a wall, though What's Her Face's frame is torn.

[edit] Pungirls!

[edit] PvP

In a guest strip by Howard Tayler, Pan Pan appears among a line-up of pandas.

[edit] Questionable Content

  • In comic #16, the caption reads, "I am also working on a new and more better (more...more better...hehe Strongbad) site design," referring to the interview email.
  • In comic #265, while Faye and Marten are discussing what will be the next indie rock band to break up, Faye mentions that the head of Win Butler (from The Arcade Fire) will explode during a live performance, forcing them to replace him with a Homestar Runner puppet.
  • In comics #317 and #318, Steve is wearing an Eh! Steve! T-shirt.
  • In comic #333, Raven wants to be left alone to close the coffee shop. She exclaims, "I can do it! I can totally do it nine times!" This is a reference to The Cheat's crazy cartoon in crazy cartoon.
  • In comic #972, there is mention of a Lightswitch Rave in the library. This is a reference to the Email techno in which The Cheat throws a Lightswitch Rave.
  • Comic #3180 involves a yellow fuzzy cube thing; the caption says "If you tickle it, it turns into The Cheat".
  • The title of comic #4023 is "The System is Down" and captioned "Lightswitch Rave", again referencing techno.
  • Dan wears a Trogdor T-shirt in comic #4358.

[edit] Random Codes

The first two lines of the 16th comic are "So from then on, it was all pork and beans." and "That's not very healthy..." which are close to the two lines of dialogue said by Homestar and Marzipan in helium.

[edit] Resident Evil

In comic 249, Jill asks Steve who Lisa is, which he replies that she's Crazy Go Nuts.

[edit] Road Waffles

In the July 23, 2003 comic, when Moses is altering how he percieves the afterlife, one of his visualisations bears a resemblance to Strong Bad standing in Strong Badia, saying 'Pop culture reference!'.

[edit] Room

A recent update of this puzzling pixelart webcomic has an appearance of a pixelart Strong Bad and The Cheat. He's looking at a computer, but it doesn't appear to be any of the ones he's owned. [6]

[edit] Roy the Duck

[edit] Salvadora

An "instant costume" is described as "flame pro-tardant".

[edit] Scary Go Round

[edit] SCemails

This webcomic is a spoof of Strong Bad Email.

[edit] Sequential Art

In comic #373, a Pyro like character is marked as "Burnerinator".

[edit] Sinbad Comic

In this Rinkworks parody of Sinbad of the Seven Seas, one character announces that it "looks like I'm gonna hafta jump!" [7]

[edit] Sluggy Freelance

The weekly filler Meanwhile in the Dimension of Pain shows the demons deathmatching. When Horribus uses the Unholy Hand grenade and the demons are all incinerated, the panel reads "And all was laid to burnination." link

[edit] SMAX

The Top Ten spin-off comic SMAX puts Jaafs Macksun and his partner Toybox in a world of fantasy. In Issue, #2, the design on the back of Toybox's jacket turns into the faces of Homestar and Strong Bad. In issue #3, a wanted poster for Trogdor is on a pole and the silhouette of Homestar and Pom Pom are seen in town.

[edit] Snafu

In the strip Otakon 2004, Homestar Runner has a cameo in the 3rd panel, saying "I could sure go for a glass of melonade."

In the fan comic Pwerpuff Girls Doujinshi, Zim's little robot GIR says the familiar quote, "I can do it! I can do it nine times!"

[edit] Sore Thumbs

In this comic, a drugged director quotes Strong Bad's "H*R and Marzipan Dating Simulation XR" from Strong Bad Email date.

[edit] Square Root of Minus Garfield

  • The twenty-second strip is an homage to Homestar Runner, featuring the characters reworked to lack visible arms.
  • Strip 533 reworks an older Garfield strip into a Make-O Your Own Stinko-style strip.
  • The author of Strip 1102 mentions that he made the comic for the Homestar Runner Wiki forum.
  • Strip 2179 features Jon with Stinkoman's head and also a reference to the year 20X6.
  • In strip 2264, the author mentions in the comments that in Jim Davis's comic "Gnorm Gnat", there was "a shady dealer like Bubs from H*R".
  • In strip 2992, Garfield greets Jim Davis' lawyers, from Strong Bad Classics!, with a quote from the same short.
  • Strip 3330 is made using Make-O Your Own Stinko.
  • In strip 3341, the description reads "What if Homeschool Winner did a butt dance?!"
  • Strip 3472 is called "The System Is Meow'n'", and features Jon flicking the lights on and off, like The Cheat does in the email techno. The description reads "The Jon is grounded.", another reference to that email.
  • Strip 5066 references the email virus, with its title being "Flagrant System Error", and with Jon's dialogue mirroring that of Strong Bad after receiving the error. The author writes that this likely will result in a breakdown of reality and with the computer being shotgunned, further referencing the email's events.

[edit] Staccato

In the online webcomic, Staccato, when the author portrays his characters as Fantastic Four characters, the one portrayed as the "The Human Torch" says "'The Human Torch?' 'Flame On?' That all sounds kinda' fruity... Couldn't I be be called like 'The Burninator' or something?" in direct reference to Trogdor. [8]

[edit] Stickman and Cube

The title of this comic references A Splode.

[edit] Stolen Pixels

Stolen Pixels, a webcomic for the Escapist magazine by Shamus Young, did a five-strip crossover series between Sam & Max and SBCG4AP.

[edit] Tales of Southtown

In Episode #12, the words "That is not a small number!" appear on a scroller at the bottom of the TV screen that Geese is watching, a reference to virus.

[edit] Team Fortress #3: A Cold Day in Hell

During a fight with a Siberian bear, Soldier shouts "Huttah!" before breaking its neck.

[edit] The Devil's panties

Notice The following website is outside of www.hrwiki.org and contains crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.
  • The April 16 2003 comic has the main character (Jennie) screaming "TROGDOR" in a caffeine-fueled rage. It also includes a picture of Strong Bad in the first panel.
  • The September 27 2004 comic also features Jennie screaming "TROGDOOR" in a caffeine-fueled rage.
  • The February 8 2005 comic features geeks entertaining themselves by singing among other things "The system is down" and shouting "Trogdoor".

[edit] The Misadventures of Gary and Ted

Trogdor shows up as a solution in a Sudoku square in the third panel.

[edit] The Rodlands Comics

  • In Issue 10, Homestar Runner can be seen on the plane.

[edit] The Symmetrical Breadpazoid

The title is a reference to Teen Girl Squad Issue 8. Also, Educomix 5 has a cameo by Homestar in the seventh panel, and Taking Turns 15 references 'd, and mentions Homestar Runner in the description. The description for Man Walks Into A Bar 2 mentions "several limes", and the description for Educomix 14 states "This is the best videogame I've ever played."

[edit] The Whiteboard

2003-10-31 - Pom Pom appears in a Halloween party.

[edit] Theater Hopper

Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper had himself in his comics on June 23, with a Homestar shirt.

Also, this comic features the Wear a Bikini! plane in the background.

On this comic Tom is drawing abs in a similar way to the Ab-Abber 2000.

[edit] Tiny Sepuku

This comic about catchy songs includes Everybody to the Limit (with Fhqwhgads misspelled as "fhqwdgads") as one of its examples.

[edit] Today Nothing Happened

In this journal comic, strip 36 shows us about the time the author met The Brothers Chaps (featuring cameos by Homestar, Trogdor, and Strong Bad), and strip 109 is named "Your Model A-Splode".

[edit] Twisted Kaiju Theater

A season 17 episode of the comic makes reference to Trogdor, and reveals that the creator hadn't heard of homestarrunner.com until 2005.

[edit] Toonatopia

Homestar Runner is mentioned on the first page.

[edit] Under Power

  • In the Feb 02, 2004 Strong Bad is behind the elf and saying ARROWED! Also, the copyright line at the bottom reads "strong bad © 2001-2004 the brothers chaps".
  • In the May 19, 2004 comic, Strong Bad and the Cheat are the DJs in panel 2.

[edit] Universal Voyage

  • In Comic #2 there are sprites of Strong Bad and Trogdor as a team called "Burninators!"
  • In Comic#563, Homestar makes a rather shocking sprite cameo.

[edit] VG Cats

  • The "New to the site" page starts "Welcome aboard the USS VGCats.com, this is a website!", both mimicking and linking to First Time Here?
  • In Comic 100, click on "100 Comics" at the end to see Pantsman answer an email on the Compy 386. Strong Bad later appears and repeats a line from sibbie in this clip.
  • In the 6th panel of Comic 135, a The Cheat Talking Plush Doll is visible with the rest of the merchandise behind the glass in the bottom right.
  • At the top of the new layout, there is a rotating image, featuring several different quotes. A few of them are [How do you type with boxing gloves on?], [We are the band LIMOZEEN!] and [Let's get ready to look SO GOOD!]
  • The title for the news post on Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 12:43 PM is "Throw baby", a Peasant's Quest reference.
  • Comic 187 is titled Jorbs, a reference to A Jorb Well Done and Coach Z's accent in general.
  • In the comic titled "Saftey Guide", the first panel has a guitar with a sticker of the ever-popular band Limozeen.

[edit] Walking Is Still Honest

  • In strip #69, the power is out, and there is a picture of Strong Bad's head with the words "Power Failured!" above it.
  • In strip #94, the trebuchet is nicknamed 'Trebdor, the Flinginator'.

[edit] West Corner Of the Park

Notice The following website is outside of www.hrwiki.org and contains crude or vulgar language and/or content. Personal discretion is advised.

[edit] Whatever I Want to Do, Gosh

  • In the May 15, 2008 comic characters speculate on the assumption that Everybody loves The Homestar Runner.
  • In subsequent comics, the Homestar Runner Fan offers an in-depth analysis of Strong Bad Emails (7/7/08) and meets a girl named "Female Sam". (7/9/08)

[edit] WikiWorld

[edit] Wildsiderz

In the first issue of this comic a Strong Bad sticker can be seen on the wall of Derek Styler's room.

[edit] Witchs' Brew

The origin of the Witch's Brew name came from Homestar's famous Halloween witch's brew line. (Alas, however, the phrase is not spelled correctly in the comic.) Also, in the first comic, Homestar appears on the last panel, and the third comic uses the CHILDREN! panel from Teen Girl Squad. The sixth comic tells us to not fake the funk on a nasty dunk, one of Homsar's quotes from interview. And the author bios describe one of the creators as "one of the few lucky non-peasant humans to be burninated."

[edit] World of Warcraft Comic Contest

In a comic submitted by the character Bludlemon, on the furbolg's necklace is a small Strong Bad head. Link: http://www.blizzard.com/wow/screenshot.aspx?ImageIndex=84&Set=64

[edit] The Wotch

[edit] The Wotch: CHEER!

[edit] You'll Have That

On the July 25th, 2005 comic, Andy tries to steal a new Compy 386.

[edit] xkcd

  • In the first comic of the 1337 series, one of the characters asks "How does she type with oven mitts!?"
  • In the comic "Ducklings," the tooltip text reads "DUCKLOOP'D?"
  • In the comic "Substitutions", Homestar Runner is listed as something that would be fun to read in the news instead of Homeland Security.
  • In the comic "Car Model Names", A name to avoid for the brand Mitsubishi is "Fhqwhgads."
  • In the comic "British Map", Fhqwhgads is a location near the border between England and Wales.
  • In the comic "IATA Airport Abbreviations", "FHQ" is the abbreviation for the Fhqwhgads airport. Strong Bad would later make a joke on this in a tweet dated January 3, 2018 on @StrongBadActual.
  • Deep within the April Fool's comic "Right Click", going through a path with options "N, E, S, W", one sequence gives the options "N, S, Dennis".

[edit] Yet Another Fantasy Gaming Comic

  • Strip 893 has an appearance by Homsar, comparing his speech with that of the Kobold character Captain Fang.

[edit] Zelda comic

  • Comic 96 is entitled Dot, Dot, Dot.
  • In Comic 136, Bub says "Ow! my stomach lining!!!"
  • On comic 162, the characters are swamped by Cuccos with the caption "CUCCO'D!"
  • Comic 164 is actually called "Yet Another Subtle Homestar Reference." The reference is "shut it up, you."
  • Comic 170 is entitled "I'm So Glad the Bub is Not Dead."
  • In Comic 193, the Miscreant decapitates Edgar with the caption "DECAPITAT'D!"
  • On the 200th comic, they used the "Its almost over!" screen from Teen Girl Squad.
  • Comic 212 is entitled "Yeah, Shut Up, Kid."
  • On comic Comic 217, Link says "Rock, rock on!"
  • On comic Comic 220, Link says,"That sounds re-zon-able".
  • On comic Comic 223, when Link rolls his eyes, it says "Eye roll'd!"
  • On comic 225, Link asks what would happen if Bub fights Lloyd. Bub answers saying "his head a splode?"
  • On comic 227, Lloyd dodges an attack with the caption "Matrix'd!"
  • Also in the bonus section, there is a thing called "Flame War 04." The first comic is a reference to the Strong Bad Email dragon, and the state (California) with the underwear is a reference to Strong Bad Email weird dream.
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