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Strong Badia
Flag of Strong Badia
Strong Badia's National Colors. The Snake and Tire is the Coat of Arms. The background displays the Strong Badian landscape with a red sky.
Language English, The Cheat
Sovereign Strong Bad
Population Tire
National anthem "Strong Badia National Anthem"
Space Program The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil (SBASAF)
Currency Queso
The landscape of Strong Badia

Strong Badia (sometimes misspelled as Strongbadia) is the field behind the dumpsters that is ruled over by Strong Bad (though so far these dumpsters remain to be seen). It consists of a dirt field in front of a white fence, with a tire leaning against it. There is also a stop sign reading "STRONG BADIA POP: TIRE," which leans on a cinder block. It is directly adjacent to The Field, as revealed in the Strong Bad Email monument. Strong Bad introduced his monarchy in i rule. In colonization, he tells the story of how it was founded (which took place around the time that the wireless web and energy drinks were invented) when Strong Bad started renting land from Bubs so he could have the freedom to put ketchup on his eggs.

Citizens of Strong Badia include Strong Bad, Strong Mad, The Cheat (although all three of which do not actually live here), the Tire, the Stop Sign, the Cinder Block, the Bear Holding a Shark, General Tso's Chicken, and the ghost of the Tandy 400. However, the official population of Strong Badia, as recorded on the Stop Sign, is "Tire". Since the tire is inanimate, Strong Badia is completely devoid of any permanent flora or fauna. In the email 2 years, Strong Bad predicted that by September 2005 (two years after the email was released), the population would have tripled to also include a bundt cake pan and Coach Z. The Cheat would also have painted a mural on the fence, reading "FIReWORKS or die", and there would be a world-class hole. Also, the Cinder Block and Sign were to have separated, the Tire would have "won the title", and Strong Sad would have become more whiny. However, none of these events ever came to pass.

In the email flag day, Strong Bad sings the Strong Badia National Anthem and the flag of Strong Badia is first shown. This anthem later appears on Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits. The Stop Sign and the Cinder Block serve as an unfinished monument to Strong Badia's monarch. This monument is unfinished due to the fact Strong Bad and The Cheat were distracted by The Thnikkaman. Strong Bad gives Strong Badia a firm scrubbing every Thursday for community service due to a prior arrest, as he explains in other days. As seen in the email little questions, Strong Badia is, or at some point was, on very good economic and political terms with Sweden (perhaps even to the point of an alliance).

Strong Badia also has its own local news station which broadcasts on Action Cool 5, and a space program called The Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil (or SBASAF), dedicated to the manned taping of aluminum foil to cardboard. Their rivals are the Italian Space Program, who have once attempted to spy on Strong Badia with a satellite, according to Strong Bad. Strong Badia also has a pizza joint called The Pizz, with Homestar Runner and The Cheat as employees. It also has a website called, where you can create your own piece of pizza and spend Pizz points, although people use that advantage to place orders by talking to Strong Bad. Although The Pizz was not as popular as "Cheatsa Pizza", The Cheat's pizza place, it still has logos on pizza boxes, as seen in Homestar Ruiner. In 2007, Strong Badia held the Strong Badathlon, an Olympics-like group of contests like The Cheat Chuck, Greco-Roman Homestar Crud-Out-of-Beating, Remote Put, Clean and Jerk Strong Mad's Underwear Over his Head, and Probably something with Guitars Lazors Robots and Hot Girls. It ends with Marzipan and Strong Sad swirling ribbons, interrupted by Homestar.

In 2004, Homestar Runner attempted to conquer Strong Badia with his Homestarmy, which at the time consisted of himself, Strong Sad, Homsar, the Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife, and a popcorn maker named Frank Bennedetto. Homestar made the mistake, however, of trying to recruit Strong Bad, giving Strong Badia plenty of warning of the impending Battle of Strong Badia. Though Strong Bad was outnumbered almost 2 to 1, Homestar agreed to cancel the invasion because Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad were playing badminton. The only casualty was Bennedetto, who was seriously wounded and even considered dead after sustaining severe kick trauma from Strong Bad.

In the email keep cool, Strong Bad interrupts his usual reading of the email to explain that Strong Badia consists only of the field behind the dumpsters and not the many other locations of Free Country, USA. He may have been driven to do this by emailers whose usage of the term "Strong Badia" implied a mistaken belief that this was the name of the whole town. In the email unnatural, King Bubsgonzola Supreme crushed part of Strong Badia's fence. Afterwards, the fence was rebuilt (although this was only mentioned at the end of the toon). In Strong Badia the Free, Strong Badia comes to rule the land of Free Country, USA, as Strong Bad slowly conquers the nations in his way and overthrows the King of Town. Eventually though, he tricks the King back onto his throne, presumably ending Strong Badia's rule. Additionally, Strong Bad mentions that he traded the patch of grass in the bottom left-hand corner of Strong Badia to Strong Mad for a giant gummy foot. Apparently, Strong Mad got the better deal. In 8-Bit is Enough, Trogdor escaped from his video game and burninated Strong Badia. Strong Bad retaliated by journeying to slay Trogdor.


[edit] Emails involving Strong Badia

A few feet under Strong Badia.

Strong Bad sometimes receives emails concerning Strong Badia. The landscape itself usually doesn't play an important part, and in a few, it doesn't even make an appearance. Many of these have had the sender mistake Strong Badia for Free Country, USA.

  • flag day — Pablo thinks Strong Bad has a "totally awesome flag for Strong Badia."
  • ghosts — Josh, John, and Doug ask Strong Bad if there are any ghosts in Strong Badia.
  • 2 years — E. Fullmer asks what the greatest advancement will be for Strong Badia in two years.
  • local news — Dan asks if Strong Badia has its own local news.
  • colonization — Shana asks when Strong Badia was first colonized.
  • army — Hank asks if Strong Badia had an official army.
  • space program — Ryan asks if Strong Badia has a space program.
  • myths & legends — Cephas asks if Strong Badia has any "mysterious myths or legendary legends."
  • isp — Gary asks what kind of internet Strong Bad gets in Strong Badia.
  • keep cool — Tom asks how hot it is in Strong Badia. Strong Bad actually stops the email for a voice-over explaining that Strong Badia is not the same as Free Country, USA.
  • unnatural — An anonymous writer asks if Strong Badia had any natural disasters.
  • more armies — Paul tells Strong Bad that his three sons would like to join the Strong Badia army.
  • mini-golf — Another anonymous writer asks if Strong Badia has a miniature golf course.
  • pizza joint — Daphne asks if Strong Badia has a pizza joint.
  • nightlife — Somekindaguy wonders what the nightlife is like in Strong Badia.
  • buried — Paul M. Pasquella asks whether Strong Bad knows of any ancient ruins buried deep under Strong Badia.
  • independent — "-=Evil Gif=-" asks if Strong Badia hosts an independent film festival.
  • dictionary — Costrick asks if the Strong Badian language has a dictionary.

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