Strong Sad and Bubs's Relationship

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"That's not very ladylike."

Strong Sad and Bubs's relationship is generally antagonistic. The two don't interact very much, but when they do, Bubs usually insults Strong Sad, though there are some times when they get along.

[edit] Strong Sad and Bubs in conflict

  • The Best Decemberween Ever — Bubs has a Strong Sad voodoo doll for sale.
  • Email 1 step ahead — Bubs refers to Strong Sad as a lady, and doesn't help him unglue his hands from his butt.
  • Email replacement — If he were to substitute for Strong Bad in Strong Bad Email, Bubs says that upon encountering Strong Sad sitting on the couch watching TV, he would kick him in the teeth and in the grill.
  • Email part-time job — Strong Bad asks if it's cool for him to take a break, and Bubs responds by asking, "Is Strong Sad cool?"
  • The Baloneyman — Bubs crashes into Strong Sad's Dusty Novels sales stand with his Baloney Sammich Truck, knocking him out of the way. Later on, Bubs runs over Strong Sad leaving a tire track mark on him.
  • Somber Vacation — When Strong Sad thanks Bubs, Strong Bad, and Homestar for coming to his slide show presentation, Bubs is annoyed because Strong Sad previously told him there would be casseroles. His mood is lightened, however, for he laughs at Strong Sad's getting "moonburned" everywhere, except the part where it always leaves the impression of a bikini.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Strong Bad claims that Strong Sad would do a better job at running Bubs' Concession Stand with one arm tied behind his back and a black hostage bag over his head. Upon seeing Strong Sad demonstrate, Bubs is forced to concede that claim is "ignorant, mean, and only mostly true."
  • Baddest of the Bands — Bubs gets Strong Bad to trick Strong Sad into managing security and calls him a dummy when Strong Sad mistakes it for a band.
  • Doomy Tales of the Macabre — Strong Sad tells a story in which he has Bubs unwittingly kill himself by turning his concession stand into a living creature which then bites his head off.
  • The House That Gave Sucky Tricks — Bubs tells Strong Sad to shut up after he corrects his pronunciation.
  • @StrongBadActual Tweet (2 May 2019) — Strong Bad claims that Bubs pokes the person picking out shirts ("90% likely Strong Sad") in the eyes to ensure that the selection is random.

[edit] Strong Sad and Bubs getting along

  • Email labor day — Bubs laughs at Strong Sad's joke about Strong Bad's invitation getting "dah-lee-ted" and says "Three cheers for Strong Sad!"
  • Email pop-up — In an Easter egg, Strong Sad and Bubs play dominoes with The Cheat.
  • Email unnatural — Strong Sad offers to help understand King Bubsgonzola Supreme by using a tape recorder that translates the roars to "Don't eat my chicken wings!" Believing that something in Bubs's chicken wings caused him to mutate, Strong Sad comes up with a plan to shrink Bubs back to size with a bowl of kashi, saying it's the culinary opposite of chicken wings. This works, although inexplicably, since the chicken wings weren't actually what caused Bubs to grow.
  • Baddest of the Bands — Bubs comments that while Strong Sad may not be doing a great job at security, he admits that Strong Sad looks good in yellow.
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