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Gene Simmons' Rock School , Yo!


[edit] Hello!

Hi there everyone! I'm H0m54r. I'd like to tell you a bit of myself. I'm 10 years old,I'm a girl, I like anime,,and bishounen XD. My Favourite TV show is Gene Simmons' Rock School(Season 2), My favourite type music is Rock, and I love my computer. If you wanna see more about me, just look in the catagorys below ^_^.

[edit] Other Places I'm Signed Up For Locke-Kefka SilverDomino

[edit] Where I Live

North Bay, Ontario, Canada

[edit] Other Stuff, Non Homestar Misc


[edit] Homestar Stuff

In this section, it explains all my favourite stuff on the HSR website

[edit] Favourite Toons

Favourite Big Toon: Strongest Man In The WorldImage:Strongestmanintheworld_kickthecheat.png

Kickin' The Cheat Matrix style!


Favourite Short: Experimental Film

Favourite Holiday Toon: Fall Float Parade

Favourite Puppet Stuff: Puppet Jam: Bad Jokes

Favourite PBTC: New Boots

Favourite SBEmail: Rock Opera

Favourite TGS: Issue #11

Favourite MAM: #7

[edit] Favourite Games

Favourite New Game: Stinkoman 20X6

Favourite Old Game: Dancin' Bubs

Favourite Videlectrix Game: Kid Speedy

[edit] Favourite Characters

Current Day: The Cheat Image:The_cheat_tooth.PNG

20X6: Stinkoman

Old Timey: The Fort Wayne Locomotive

Other Alternates: Striped Green Rabit

Teen Girl Squad: So And So

Cheat Commandos: Silent Rip

Misc.: Senor Cardgage

[edit] Favourite Secret Page

Favourite Toon: Jumping Jack Contest

Favourite Game: Lite Brite

Favourite Old Navigation: Old Remote Toons Menu

[edit] UserBoxes

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