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A picture of Strong Bad jumping on Strong Sad. Because I had nothing better to do.

[edit] All about this H*R fan!


I'm Emily, or more known as Bob. Don't even ask... As you might tell from my userbox, my favorite h*r character is Strong Bad. I also like the Cheat and Strong Sad... Well, come on, SS deserves a break! :P My favorite game is probably Stinkoman 20X6. Sometimes I play it at school - I get weird looks, but I just love the game so much!!

Anyway, I don't actually know how I got pulled in by the h*r fandom. I guess I must've clicked a link, or something. I did know it before, a few years ago, but I wasn't so hot about it back then. (GASP!! Accursed words!!!) But I did love Teen Girl Squad, even though my Dad thought it was too weird. But quite recently, I just got pulled into the fandom! There's no turning back now...

I think I found this website when I was googling. When I found it, I actually thought that all the info here was written by the Brother's Chaps. I mean, WOW, the amount of information here!! Kudos to the people who wrote it!!

My h*r wishlist - I really REALLY want the Strong Bad overkill set. And a kick the Cheat. I'm currently trying to persuade my parents to get me them... Heheheheheheheheheh......

[EDIT] Oh yeah!! I have my very own The Cheat!! Amongst other stuff... There's a list in my userbox. Check it out.

I have my very own The Cheat!!


[edit] More about me!

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