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You go Not Dennis. Ye find yeself in yon Dungeon. Ye see a scroll. Behind ye scroll is a flask. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, and Dennis.

 What wouldst thou deau?




[edit] But no seriously

Wow! You actually came to my page? Like, seriously? That's incredible! Anywho, there's really nothing here of actual importance, so you can just go back if you want. You won't hurt my feelings.

[edit] Stuff (not the acronym)

  • Real Name:Not Dennis
  • Home State:
  • Age: 12-15
  • Favorite Character: The Senor Cardgage
  • Favorite Quote: "I like your shoes!"
  • Favorite Sbemail: All o' dang ones!
  • Retarded Pig says: Hellloooooooooo!!!

[edit] I am


[edit] Trogdorism

That's right, I worship Trogdor, what of it, huh, punk! Sumtin' wrong wit' dat?! That's what I thought.Trogdor be with you.-LF

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