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[edit] Characters

Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, Pom Pom, Bubs, Homsarno translation
Marzipanno translationalready a german word
The Cheatno translationThere have been some discussions over Der/The Cheat.
King of TownKönig der StadtSince it's mostly a description of his job, it should be translated. Also, the abbreviation "KOT" has a rather different meaning in German
ReinforcementsVerstärkungHis name is mostly used for the "We need Reinforcements"-pun, which frequently occurs in the Cheat Commandos Toons. It is translated into "Wir brauchen Verstärkung".
the Poopsmithder MistschmiedSince it's mostly a description of his job, it should be translated. Also, it's important to understand the meaning of the word for a lot of jokes concerning the Poopsmith.

[edit] Locations

Bubs' Concession StandBubs' Gewerbestand

[edit] SBEmail-related Expressions

Holy CrapHeilige Kacke"Heilige Scheiße" is still in use, should be changed.
The Paperdas Papier
New Paperneues Papier
Preeeeow!no translation
shuffling noisesDruckgeräuscheThe noises of the New Paper.
Geddup Noisedas Aufsteh-Geräusch
The Deleteheads???Dafür soltlen wir auch eine Übersetzung finden. mögliche Vorschläge: Die Gelöschten Köpfe, ...

[edit] Trogdor/Peasant's Quest

Trogdorno translation
The S is for Sucks DragonDas-S-Steht-Für-Scheiße-Drache
Rather Dashing???some jokes/puns are based on his name, so maybe we should find a suitable translation.
consummate V's/beefy arm etc. (description of Trogdor)siehe Untertitel für SBEmail 58

[edit] Misc. Expressions

Tangerine Dreamsno translationmight still be discussed
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