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Lots of Userboxes

Hello! I am Ugozima. I have been watching Homestar Runner since 2007 (although, I knew about it in 2005), I am 13 years old. But, I act pretty mature. (But, if you meet me in real life, I'm immature) I'll let userboxes show the rest.


[edit] Welcome to Ugozima's Userpage

Welcome aboard the USS Ugozima's Userpage. I am your Captain, Ugozima. Wait, lemme try again. Bienvenido a la página de usuario Ugozima! ¿Sabes Ugozima? Sí! Somos buenos amigos. DAH! I GIVE UP!

[edit] About Me

  • Age - 13
  • First Name - Thomas
  • Grade - 8th
  • State - Florida
  • Current Location - Turn around.

[edit] Which H*R Character Am I?

strongbad.jpg [1]Take the quiz! (I didn't make)

[edit] Things I like

  • Homestar Runner
  • Family Guy
  • Strong Bad Emails
  • Home Movies
  • Mudkipz
  • Seinfeld

[edit] dis am mah thang bout me!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! weloo helsome too mah thangie bout meee!!! mah namee is thomas and im tweeeelvvvvveeeeee yuurss yung!!!!! do yall looooooooooooove meeeeee!????!!!!??? coooooss i lov u!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

[edit] My bottom 10

  • 1. People who bash Seinfeld because they watched one of the rare misses.
  • 2. Umm...not...Homestar Runner
  • 3. People who claim they're better than you because they beat you in one game in SSBB or Halo 3.
  • 4. People who put hundreds of exclamation marks at the end of sentences on purpose
  • 5. Umm, no five.
  • 6. Comedians who always steal jokes.
  • 7. People who make flash toons and all the characters sound the same.
  • 8. Spam emails that get through even though I have an awesome spam blocker.
  • 9. The jibblies.
  • 10. People who spell the word weird, wierd.

[edit] I made my first article on the wiki

Nonexistent Strong Bad Emails

[edit] Other Stuff

  • I share my birthday with George Orwell and Jimmy Walker (J.J. Evans from Good Times) And the date the Korean War started.
  • I am communist.
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